Why Blueberry Auto-Flower Seeds Are A Popular Choice 


Why do connoisseurs of great taste and effects prefer the feminized blueberry Autoflower seeds? For its exceptional qualities, of course. Autoflower is those seeds that are produced naturally by the cannabis plant. The process is normal germinations. These seeds have the talent to make plants that change to flowering independently, without the need for light cycles or elimination of males.

Let’s learn more about the qualities that make Blueberry Autoflower seeds outstanding. Also we are available online i49

The roots                                         

The Blueberry Autoflower came into existence due to the beautiful crossing of blueberry genetics and Cannabis Ruderalis. This unique combination resulted in a famous and highly-appreciated strain. The striking feature is that it carried Autoflowering properties. So it’s possible to have smaller and fast yielding plants, which are easy to manage.

The essential components 

Let’s have a look at the genetic makeup of this excellent stain that delivers it so desirable. There is no doubt that this plant has body high and stoned capabilities. And all this goodness comes from the raw ingredients that build this great recipe.

THC 14%

CBD Medium




Being an Indica-dominant strain, it has sleep-inducing and healing qualities. The THC and CBD parts make it ideal for both medical and recreational uses with both the essential cannabinoids’ cutting edge.

The smell of this strain is flowery, sweet, and berrylike. The effects are calming, relaxed, and sleepy. It is the best strain to be had before going to bed, relaxing at the beachside, or with certain medical conditions.

The growing rituals 

Blueberry Autoflower makes a tremendous strain of choice for growers who are in search of a fast yield. Or those who prefer discreet methods of growing marijuana. This incredible strain magically transforms from a seed to a bumper harvest within a period of 8 to 9 weeks.

And, you can expect it to stretch to a height of 75 cm indoors and remain medium when grown out.

The ideal grounds 

Autoflower seeds don’t require much soil being smaller plants, but it depends upon the quantity you plant. But one should choose the ground carefully. You get a product as per the soil; for a top-grade product, use top-shelf soil.

After legalization, most enthusiasts prefer to grow their green weed.

The yields                   

New growers can expect to get a harvest that can range between 425 to 475g/m2 when planted indoors and gives a medium yield when grown outside.

To wrap it up 

So now you know about the remarkable characteristics of the Blueberry Autoflower Seeds. Grow your incredible marijuana by getting the top-quality seeds from a reputed supplier for an amazing cannabis strain.