Who are at a Risk of Toenail Fungal Infections?


Being clean and maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle is very important for leading a healthy life. This would prevent any kind of infection that might arise out of bacteria build up. An unhealthy and unclean lifestyle mostly causes fungal infections and nail infections. Of all the nail infections, toenail fungal infections are the most common. This fungal infection makes the nails yellowish, brittle, and even smelly, at times. Most of us try to be clean, but some people are more prone to toenail fungal infections than others. There are certain factors that make a person more vulnerable to toenail fungus infection more than others:

  • Toenail fungus as family history: Any disease in the family makes a more vulnerable to that certain disease. The same is the case with toenail fungus infection. If someone in a family has toenail fungus infection, the rest of the members of the family become easily exposed to the disease because of the shared genes.
  • Closed-toed shoes: Close-toed shoes are good for the feet. It restricts proper air circulation and traps the air within and harms the skin of the feet. Therefore, one should avoid wearing close-toed shoes for a long period of time, and the people wearing close-toed shoes are more susceptible to toenail fungus infection.
  • Increasing age: With increasing age, a person gets more and more susceptible to these fungus infections. A person above 65 has a lot of poorer blood circulation than younger people. This poor blood circulation affects their nail growth and exposes them to more risk of getting infected by toenail fungal infections.

Therefore, people should take enough care so that they do not get infected by toenail fungus. One should try preventing such infections from happening. Above that, one can use Restoration by Viva Nutra, which will help a person keep their toes healthy.