What you Should Know about Laser Genesis


Laser genesis is one of the most comfortable laser treatments that offer many benefits. It makes use of laser energy to heat tissue layers in the dermis. An increase in temperature breaks up dirt and oil, rebuilds collagen, and events out skin tone. This treatment is important for people who are new to lasers or those a bit nervous about the entire laser concept. Laser genesis is done using YAG laser technology at low energy with pulse settings that build up heat to stimulate the skin’s lower layer. If you have regular facials and feel you don’t get the results you want, consider adding laser genesis to your regimen through Clinique Anti Aging.

What Laser Genesis can Do for You

If you have dry and dull-looking skin, genesis might be what your skin needs. It brings the spring back to the skin by shrinking bigger pores, evening out skin tone, and smoothing out fine lines. For light to moderate rosacea, laser genesis can minimise the redness. Those who have light acne scars can benefit from the collagen product that the treatment activates, plumping the skin, and decreasing the appearance of scarring. Clinique Anti Aging recommends adding laser genesis to your regimen at the point in life that collagen starts to break down as a preventive anti-aging measure.

Is It Safe?

Again laser genesis is done using a YAG laser, which is the same laser wavelength used for treating dark sin for laser hair removal. Due to the wavelength, genesis tends to be safe for all kinds of skin for light and medium skin tones. It applies repeating pulses of low energy that heat layers of the skin. Because of the slow and even increase in temperature, the treatment is quite safe and comfortable. It is effective for treating the face, decollete, and neck.

What to Expect from the Treatment

Laser treatment can be completed after thirty minutes. It doesn’t require the use of gels or numbing creams. The skincare specialist will cleanse your skin, put goggles on your eyes for protection, choose hour treatment settings, and start the treatment. The laser energy feels warm and soothing.

What Preparations should you Do

Avoid sun exposure two weeks before treatment and one week after. Because your skin will hold on to the heat for a day or two after the treatment, be extra careful in the summer months and do not do any strenuous exercise right before and after the treatment. Wear sunscreen before and after treatment.