What You Need To Know About HIFU in Singapore


    Are you looking for a way to tone your skin, tighten your facial muscles or reduce wrinkles without the need for surgery? If so, HIFU Singapore facelifting and skin tightening treatment may be an option worth considering. This procedure has been clinically proven to work on all three areas listed above with minimal side effects.

    What is HIFU?

    It stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which can help lift sagging tissue in the mid-face area, tighten up slackened muscle bands around the mouth and cheeks as well as slim down fine lines around the eyes and forehead. All while improving blood circulation in that region of the body. The procedure takes about 30 minutes per session and can be done twice a year until desired results are achieved. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure.

    How Does HIFU Work?

    HIFU Singapore works by sending focused beams of high-intensity ultrasound through the different layers of your skin, harmlessly passing through without damaging the top layer. The focused beams melt excess fat in the face while stimulating collagen to tighten and lift sagging tissue.

    What Areas can be Treated with HIFU?

    HIFU can be used on forehead lines, smile lines, eye wrinkles, dark eye circles, cheek fat, double chin, saggy jowls, and necklines.

    Is There Any Downtime After Treatment?

    There is no downtime after a procedure though mild swelling and redness may occur for a day or two.

    Will HIFU Work for Me?

    If you have a few wrinkles on your face and want to eliminate them while tightening the skin, this is a perfect procedure for you. The best candidates are people who may not see a significant difference in their complexion after losing weight or age changes because they will still have loose skin on their faces which can be easily tightened using ultrasound technology. If however, you dieted excessively or lost excess fat around your cheeks or jaw line but still notice sagging under eyes or cheeks then HIFU is also an option for you because it works to tighten the skin surrounding the muscles.

    Do I Have to Be Anxious About the Treatment?

    Since this procedure is non-invasive and has only minimal side effects, there should be no reason why you can’t get up and about immediately after your treatment–even if it were in the middle of the workday! But make sure to take some rest once you get home because HIFU can cause some slight inflammation especially when performed on sensitive areas like around your eyes.

    Why is HIFU the Best Option for Non-Surgical Face Lifting?

    Unlike other facial treatments, HIFU does not only offer skin tightening but also tightens up sagging skin and muscle beneath which create an overall youthful look. What’s more, you will get the results in just one session instead of weeks or months of painful injections or multiple surgeries for a similar result.

    What is the Difference Between HIFU and Surgical Face Lift?

    Surgical facelift targets the superficial layer of your skin and underlying tissue while HIFU works effectively on all three layers: fatty tissues, muscles, and skin. Also, surgical face lifting requires 3-4 weeks recovery time whereas HIFU is non-invasive which eliminates potential complications like bleeding or infection because it doesn’t involve any incisions. And lastly, a surgical facelift can easily cost you from $10,000 onwards while minimally invasive HIFU treatment produces the same effect but at a much cheaper price point.