What Makes a Good Nanny Agency In Los Angeles, CA?


The demand for nannies is expected to grow at a significant pace in the coming years. The nationwide average salary for nannies, too, has been steadily rising.

However, not everyone that sets their foot in the industry may be able to have a very rewarding career. This is because being a good and successful nanny calls for certain important qualities, and not everyone may have them.

That said, it makes sense to understand what those qualities are so that you can work on developing them if you plan to become a Los Angeles nanny agency.

  • A nanny must absolutely love children and their company
  • They must understand how to support their development and take care of their important needs
  • Being able to stand up for them when needed, especially when their rights or safety is being compromised, is a crucial quality to have as well
  • It’s also important to have a lot of energy, as taking care of children can be a demanding and very active job
  • You should have a lot of patience and be very effective at communicating with the children – these skills will help you both understand them better as well as develop discipline in them
  • Flexibility is a crucial element of the job as the needs often change fairly frequently
  • Similarly, parents want someone who is reliable and trustworthy, and can play the role they are assigned in a very effective manner
  • A good nanny would also help a child with their overall development
  • As you will often be solely responsible for the child’s development, you need to have a sound judgment and take effective decisions
  • Children’s often cause a mess, so you will need to be very organized as a nanny
  • There won’t be much external motivation available; you will have to be self-motivated
  • You need to focus on the child’s safety, growth and discipline and need to be proactive about them
  • Delays can be very expensive at times, so you shouldn’t compromise on the punctuality
  • Must ensure hygienic conditions for the kids at all times in Los Angeles
  • A skill that will turn out to be extremely useful sometimes is being able to handle an emergency well, without panicking
  • Shouldn’t have any traces of a criminal background
  • You should be strong with your morals, which will be crucial in shaping the views of the kids
  • Finally, you must love being a nanny, and not just do the job for the money