What Is Labiaplasty?


Also called vaginal rejuvenation, a labiaplasty is a surgery procedure that will modify the appearance of the inner lips of your vagina, and/or the outer lips. This mostly depends on the outcome you want to achieve.

If this surgery sounds like something you’d be interested in, you should definitely talk to your doctor, and that also means that you should find a good surgeon. You could check out the labiaplasty Melbourne at Me Clinic or you can search more locally instead.


Change the shape of your labia if you are not satisfied!

Why is it done?

There are many reasons why women choose to go through a labiaplasty surgery, and there is a huge range of what could qualify as the normal labia look and length. If you just do not like how your labia looks like, you can always consider labiaplasty.

In some cases, the inner labia will be longer then the outer, and in other cases it is the other way around. Sometimes, this can be very prominent, and in other cases it can cause a lot of self-image issues for women. Keep in mind that this all depends on your personal preference, so unless you are not satisfy, there is no reason to change anything!

Is this medically necessary?

This is a procedure that is not medically necessary, as it is just designed to change the appearance of your labia to look more desirable. However, with today’s impact on what is attractive and socially acceptable, a lot of women have decided to go through with such a procedure.

Around 10.000 vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are done each year. But do you really need one? The good candidates for this procedure are the ones who are in good health when going under the knife. This is why if you have preexisting condition you should not get one.

How about the risks?

Every time you decide to go under the knife, there will be some risks included and the same applies to this surgery. Some of the main risks of this surgery are: chronic dryness, numbness, scarring that could make sex painful, and decreased sensitivity. The ASPS also states that some risks could include infection, hematoma and bleeding.


Talk to your doctor about the risks

While this surgery could make your vaginal lips look much better, you should also consider the possibility or risks and complications. If you want to know more about this surgery, it is important that you contact your doctor or you can check out the best vaginoplasty in Melbourne is at Me Clinic. Just make sure to find a good doctor to perform the surgery.

Final word

It is crucial that you talk to your doctor about this or any other procedure you are interested in. Only your doctor can tell you more about the surgery, what you can expect and whether this surgery will give you the results you are looking for. You also need to be a good candidate before you are allowed to go under the knife.