What Is Involved with Addiction Recovery Treatment?


Addictions can take on many forms in a person’s life. Some people are addicted to prescription drugs, while others use illegal drugs. Alcohol and drug addiction often go hand in hand. When someone is addicted, it is imperative they realize they have a disease that needs medical treatment. Taking a DIY approach to getting clean rarely works in the long-term. Knowing what is involved with arc portsmouth will help addicts to be prepared to seek treatment.

What Can Addicts Expect?

There are many schools of thought on addiction recovery services, but most rehab programs follow the same treatment modalities. Knowing what to expect from the process of seeking treatment will help addicts to be fully prepared.

The process of treatment cannot begin without first going through detox. Detox allows the individual’s body to remove the drugs from their system so clarity in thinking can be reached. A person must be of a sound mind before they can enter treatment and get the help they need. It is wise for individuals to go through a medically-supervised detox program because some of the withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to handle and some can even be life-threatening.

Once the drugs and alcohol are out of a person’s system, they can start the process of being assessed for rehab services. The intake process works to address all the unique needs of the addict. Not everyone faces the same addiction issues. Having a structured and customized treatment plan in place is essential for helping individuals to receive the rehab treatment they need.

Residential treatment is often needed for those who have severe addictions and co-occurring disorders. With residential treatment, individuals live at the facility and receive daily treatment. Addicts in a rehab program will receive both individual and group therapy as a major part of their treatment. Individual therapy focuses on the unique needs of the addict. Through therapy, they will learn about their underlying mental health issues and how they can be better managed without resorting to drug and alcohol use.

Get Professional Help Now

Addiction affects people of all ages and walks of life. It is rare for an addict to be able to get clean and stay clean without professional intervention. Getting help from the professionals will ensure addicts are able to put their disease of addiction in permanent remission. Although addiction is a disease, there is no cure. Thankfully, with ongoing efforts, individuals can put their addiction in its proper place.

Those who are in need of these services and would like to learn more should visit the website. Here, they can learn about the services that are available and what can be done to help. If you are ready to get professional help for your addiction, call today. A caring addiction specialist is standing by to help answer any questions you may have and provide important information. Going through rehab is tough, but it helps people overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. Call today to get the help you need.