What do you need to know about vapes and e-cigs?


Vaping has been in the limelight and with more numbers of smokers shifting to vapes and e-cigs, there is confusion on its safety. If you have also decided to finally give it a trial, there are few things you must understand with regard to vapes.Due to dramatic increasein the demand for vape pens, it is bound to be confused whether one must continue smoking or go with the flow.

In this quick guide, we shall help you to understand what vapesare and why they are introduced. We bet after reading this article, you will be more confident in your decision of whether to buy one.

What do you need to know about vapes and e-cigs?

Vapes and e-cigs:

Vape pens are the new style of smoking; these are vaporizers in the form of pens. You can consider vapes and e-cigs almostthe same as both serve the same purpose. The trendy designs allow you to make them fit easily in your pocket and carry it wherever you go. The gadgets are cheaper compared to the traditional cigarettes. Vapes pens come in rechargeable or disposable options.

If you have never tried a vape pen before and are on smoking habits, it would be wise to take a secondopinion from your health expert too on the process of beginning. Vapes pens that are rechargeable usually consist of different parts such as; atomizer, tank or cartridge chamber, button, battery, and mouthpiece.

What are vapes made of?

Vapes or e-cigs are made of dry herbs, wax, or cartridges. Depending on your choice, you may select the material accordingly. It would be wise to read about all the three in details along with their pros and cons before you finally choose your vapestyle.

Heating method:

You must also know the heating methods that are used as per the different vapes or e-cigs. The three major types of heating methods are; Convection, Induction, and Conduction. Induction is not too common and preferred however; you can still find some vape brands dealing with this heating method too.

In convection, the vape material makes a directconnection with the heating element. Lastly, Conduction heating method is common too. The botanical chamber installed in the vape pen does not directlyconnect with the heating element. The herb or liquid touched the warm surface to help you vape.

You may ask the manufacturer or your health expert which option will be most suitable to curb your smoking habits. Also find out by clicking, green caviar club.