What causes scalp sores And Some Natural Treatments


Scalp sores are blisters or bumps that develop on the scalp. They are usually swollen, painful, itchy or red in color. Scalp sores may either be filled with some liquid or can be hard or rigid. They are easy to detect or notice.

You might be wondering what causes Scalp Sores. We have gathered information from various sources and listed 5 common reasons for Scalp sores. 

Some Common Reasons Of Scalp Sores are

Scalp sores may be caused by various reasons. Some of them are listed below;

  • They can be caused due to any skin condition such as acnes.
  • Some types of skin allergies.
  • It may also be caused due to infection on the hair shafts or the skin.
  • A cyst may also be the reason behind Scalp sores.
  • May be caused due to Stress.

Treatments Of Scalp Sores

Majorly, scalp sores are not meant to be very serious. You can consult your doctor if they’re bothering you. You only have to be concerned about them if;

  • You’re facing Scalp sores for a very long time.
  • Your Scalp sores aren’t healing with natural treatments.
  • Your scalp sores have changed their appearance. It can be in size, shape or colour. 
  • They keep coming back even after healing. 

You may get relief from scalp scores by using some medicated shampoos that are specifically designed to reduce sores and itching on the scalp. If it still bothers you or want to know what causes Scalp Sores, you are advised to consult your doctor.

Some Natural Ingredients To Treat Scalp Sores are

1) Tea-tree oil

2) Aloe Vera gel

3) Apple Cider Vinegar

4) Coconut Oil

5) Fish oil

6) Olive oil

7) Salicylic Acid

8) Peppermint Oil


Scalp Sores can be caused due to various reasons. You can treat it at home using some natural ingredients. But, if they are recurring again and again and you’re not getting good results from natural remedies. Then, we highly recommend you to consult a doctor.