What Causes Dark Eye Circles and How to Remove Them


    Many people look for dark eyes circles removal treatments. But before we go there, let’s first discuss what causes dark eye circles. Our under-eye skin is among the most delicate and thinnest areas of the face. The finely textured dermal layer is vulnerable to shadows, rings, and dark circles because it lacks oil glands. Many factors contribute to the formation of dark circles, including:

    Lack of Sleep

    Among the most common reasons for dark under-eye circles is a lack of sleep.  Only when you’re in a deep state of sleep is your body able to heal the skin, as well as all other tissues.

    Blood circulation can only focus on the cells and tissues of your skin during this sleep period, giving the face a more revitalized appearance.

    Sleep deprivation causes stress in the body’s systems.  When stress levels rise, the body’s steroidal substances limit blood flow to the skin, redirecting it to the muscle and main organs. Eye rings might become more evident as a result of slow circulation and the accumulation of deoxygenated blood.


    One of the most common reasons for dark circles is genetics. No matter what treatments you use or how much rest your body gets, if your parents got dark eye circles, you’re far more likely to develop them as well.


    Dark circles beneath your eyes might also be caused by medical conditions and the medications you’re taking. Certain medications might cause your blood vessels below the eyes to dilate or induce fluid retention. Capillaries may expand, or lymphatic fluid might accumulate as a result of this. Fluid retention can also be caused by diseases such as renal disease and cardiac difficulties. Excessive water changes and retention in skin pigmentation can be caused by hormonal changes like those seen in PMS or menopause.

    Eczema and Allergies

    Eczema and allergies induce inflammation and swelling, which can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Histamine responses result in tissue edema and alterations in circulation. Darkening Inflammation and inflammation of tissues surrounding the eyes can also be caused by immune system-related disorders like eczema. Too much rubbing caused by skin itching and inflammation can harm the eye’s sensitive circulatory system, darkening the skin. Sinus issues could also lead to fluid buildup in the eye and nose area.


    Smoking hinders blood flow, resulting in an overly pale skin appearance and accentuating dark circles under the eyes. Cigarettes also include dozens of other chemical toxins that burden our bodies with more chemicals to filter. This labor load detracts from the vitality appearance.

    Moreover, cigarette smokers have been proven to be 4x as likely as nonsmokers to claim feeling unrested after a night’s rest. Smokers spend more time in light sleep and less time in deep sleep than nonsmokers. Researchers have postulated that this may be because of the effects of nicotine withdrawal during sleep.

    Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol worsens dark circles under the eyes in many ways.  Alcohol consumption boosts the liver’s workload and reduces blood oxygenation because alcohol replaces the blood’s oxygen, resulting in the intoxicating effect. Alcohol is a vaso-dialator too, suggesting it makes blood vessels open further which could lead to a puffy, swollen look and boost visibility of bluish shade in your skin under the eye.

    What Treatment is Best for Dark Under Eyes?

    What is Rejuran i Eye?

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    How Does Rejuran I Work?

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