Want to Store Your Weed the Right Way? Then, Here’s What You Need to Do


Storing weed flowers and joints can be a tricky business; especially, considering the fact that even the slightest hint of moisture can spoil its entire aroma and strength. If you’ve been using wrong products like a plastic bag or a marker to store your joints,  then, you’re most likely a witness to the fact that these aren’t the places that can protect your weed from spoiling. So, like most people, if you too have been struggling to find out the ideal products to store your joints, then, it’s time that you start using the storage pouches and bags provided by elite brands like Hush-Kush. The reasons that make these storage bags perfect for weed storage are listed below. Have a look! 

  1. They are Waterproof

These bags are made waterproof by using beeswax to prime the inner surface of the pouch. As a result, your pouch doesn’t allow water or moisture to enter inside. Hence, these are the best travel pouches that you can use while you’re going camping and hiking. 

  1. They are smell free

The Hush-Kush smell proof bags are the perfect customizable options that can adhere to all your needs. For one, they do not spoil or adulterate the aroma of the weed, and second, they can be size-customized. 

  • You can use the patch as it is to store weed flowers. 
  • You can roll it to store joints. 
  • You can fold it to store half lit joints. 
  1. They are Lightweight

Hush-kush bags are made lightweight and travel friendly so that you can easily carry them in your pocket while backpacking. Besides, since they can be rolled and folded, you can literally squeeze them in cramped space as well. 

  1. They Are Washable Products

It’s a fact that Hush-kush products are smell proof. However, it’s still necessary to wash the pouches from time to time to clean them. Whilst many pouches lose their waterproofing and smellproofing qualities upon washing, the hush-kush products don’t. You can wash them and reuse them and they’ll still be as good as new. 

Other than these major benefits, there are also a few side benefits of these bags – listed below – that you must know about. Have a look. 

  • These bags are eco-friendly. 
  • These bags are biodegradable.

In other words, they cause no damage to the environment. So, if you too want your weed to last for long without losing its qualities then check out the entire collection of pouches and bags by this brand on their website – https://hush-kush.com/