Useful Tips on How to Clean Washable Diapers


    Cloth diapers are a great re-invention since they offer excellent comfort to the baby and are environment-friendly. Earlier, people used old cotton clothes to make reusable diapers, which used to save much time and money. However, with the invention of disposable diapers, the importance of washable diapers faded. Many also stopped using them because of the effort it requires in maintenance.

    However, you may need to take care of these washable diapers since they will need a thorough cleaning before they are used again. They need the time and effort of the parents which is why many may consider a disposable diaper instead. However, when the safety of your child is concerned, cloth diapers are irreplaceable.

    So, how can you maintain washable diapers in the easiest ways? Here are some useful tips!

    6 Tips to Clean Washable Diapers

    Here are a few helpful tips to help you wash a reusable diaper the correct way.

    • Prepare a Diaper before Washing

    It is important to prepare the diaper for washing first. You should remove all the wastes from the diapers before you start scrubbing them. Another tip is to collect all the diapers first instead of washing them one by one. This will save your time and effort.

    • Use Mild Scent-free Detergent

    Using a mild detergent is highly recommended to wash baby diapers. Since other detergents can irritate the skin of the baby, you should always use a mild, scent-free detergent for washable diapers. On the other hand, soap or detergent with scent might contain chemicals, which is again not suitable for the baby.

    • Use Warm Water

    One of the most important things to remember while cleaning washable diapers is to use warm water. Warm water will help in thorough cleaning while killing germs and bacteria. The preferred temperature to wash diapers is between 90 F and 120 F.

    • Avoid Fabric Softeners

    Fabric softeners may clog the pores of the fabric, which will block the air passages in between the clothes. Another problem with the fabric is that it can leave a white residue, which might not be suitable for the baby’s delicate skin.

    Always use mild soap or detergent as stated earlier and give a final rinse using plain water.

    • Dry Flat, Inside Out

    It is recommended to dry the washable diapers on a flat surface rather than hanging them. Also, make sure the diaper is inside out. Under the sun or in a warm environment is usually preferred for reusable diapers.

    • Wash it with Hands

    Washing the baby diapers with the hand is more recommended than cleaning them using a washing machine. Wash them with a soft hand. And rinse thoroughly using plain water.

    Optional Tips

    • Use Bleach if Necessary

    Many times, the waste of the baby might lead to a yellow or brownish stain on the fabric. These may become darker with time. To get rid of stains, you can use bleach to wash the baby’s diaper. However, make sure you are not using bleach more often since it can hamper the durability of the fabric.

    • How to Store

    Once washed and dried completely, you can store the diapers in a clean and dry place. Make sure the storage space is free from pollutants such as dirt or germs. The place where you store them should have good ventilation.

    So, the above-mentioned points will help you take care of the washable diapers and make them last for a long time. Usually, washable diapers can be reused about 50-200 times depending on the number of cleanings. Also, you should wash each diaper every two to three days for best results.