Types of Spa Covers Available


    Companies offer numerous health facility cover raises, because there are a lot of sorts of health clubs, as well as because inventive people keep thinking of more ways to turn over as well as save a health facility cover!

    Here’s a run-through and summary of the considerations one should make when choosing a brand-new health facility cover lifter.

    • Day spa Forming:

    Beginning with, round health spas or hexagon designed bathtubs need a different cover lift than square or typical Jacuzzis. Spa cover lifters detailed as created for “straight-sided health facilities” would certainly not fit rounded tubs or spas with rounded sides.

    • Day spa Dimension:

    The majority of health spa cover lifters will fit a medical spa cover to 96″, or an 8 ft. diameter. For covers larger than this, consider the Cover Caddy or the Cover Shelf. Likewise, many covers don’t deal with spas that are smaller sized than 6 ft. size, or 72″. The majority of health spa cover lifts designs will deal with a 6 to 8 ft. size.

    • Spa Space:

    How much clearance do you have readily available on the side that you flip the cover over? The clearance required varies among cover lifts, but just some will call for minimal room to flip as well as store the cover, like the Cover Valet, that only needs 6″ of back clearance. Likewise, health club cover lifters need 2-3 inches of side clearance as well, on both sides.

    • Health facility Location:

    Is your health facility above ground, partly in-ground, or flush with surrounding outdoor decking? A lot of cover lifters are created fully above ground day spas as well as Jacuzzis; in-ground health spas can make use of the Cover Valet as well as safeguard the placing plates to the deck.

    • Placing Kinds:

    There are several sorts of cover lift styles. For those that do not wish to drill right into the medical spa cupboard, use the under-mount cover raises like the Cover Rock-It, or the Cover Rx. These spa cover lifts enable you to slide plates under the spa. Other models will need that you pierce mounting braces on one or two sides of your spa closet.