Things to consider while buying Kratom


Modernism has made people use plants instead of chemical medicines. Kratom is one of the plant-based supplements. It would be best if you considered some important things before you buy Kratom for you. These are as follows:

Know the strains

Different strains of Kratom are available like White Sumatra Kratom. Three most prominent strains are green vein, white vein and red vein. These different veins benefit you differently. All the three strains are made from the same green-hued Kratom leaves. The drying process makes the colours to change and designs to appear. The change in colour entirely depends on the number of UV rays, naturally from sunlight and artificially from lamps.

Multiple uses

Kratom tastes so bad, so it is difficult for the people to get used to Kratom. Kratom tastes so bitter when you chew it or make a tea of it. Consumers are looking for multiple ways to avoid the bitterness of Kratom and to make it taste better.

Before using  Kratom, make sure to consider which strain of Kratom is best and beneficial for you.  Also, the convenient ways for Kratom intake should be considered.

Two most common ways to take Kratom is either by chewing the leaves or infusing the leaves into the tea. As the Kratom tastes bitter, so you will look for the possible ways to cover up its bitterness. When you are brewing it into the tea, you may add honey or agave syrup to make it less bitter. Sweet almond milk or any other flavoured creamer can also be added.  

Kratom is available in powdered form also. You can add Kratom powder in fruit smoothies or other sweet beverages. As the Kratom tastes bitter, so mixing it in the smoothies is the best way to lessen its bitterness. Mixing Kratom in smoothies gives potential benefits to the consumers as well.

If you are still unable to chew and brew Kratom or unable to use powdered form, the last but not the least option is to ingest Kratom capsules. Making capsules is the best way to cover up the bitterness and the smell of Kratom. If you want to have benefited from Kratom but are avoiding it because of bad taste and aroma, using capsules is probably the best way to use Kratom.

Third-party verification

Checking if your Kratom supplier sends their products out for third-party verification is an essential thing to know. Third-party verification makes sure that you get 100% pure Kratom powder without any impurities. The experienced licensed labs are specified for third-party testing.

The laboratories make sure that the Kratom you get is free of harmful substances such as salmonella, heavy metals, E.coli or other pesticides. 

Kats Botanicals use Tested Labs as Kratom testing facility. In Tested Labs, Kat’s products are gone through several tests for multiple pathogens. If the lab results are found with a less-than-stellar grade, the Kats Botanicals do not sell the product. You get for what you pay. At Kats Botanicals, the experienced lab faculty makes sure that you get 100% pure Kratom without impurities. Kats Botanicals allow the clients to see the results for themselves, making the clients choose the best Kratom for you to have maximum benefits.


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