The Impact Of Telemedicine On Your Healthcare Practice


The impact of telemedicine on your healthcare practice is significant. The ease of use and the quick communication that are provided by the voice over Internet protocol allows patients to be seen and diagnosed more quickly than ever before. The same goes for insurance companies; they are able to process claims quicker and approve treatments much more quickly when there is the option of using a virtual personal medical assistant rather than an in person doctor or nurse. Telemedicine, while still in its early stages, has already proven to reduce the number of patients who visit their offices as well as the amount of time that appointments take by a significant margin.

The first impact of telemedicine on your practice is the reduction of travel time and expense. Because a voice over Internet protocol connection is used, you can use the same type of phone that the patient is connected to, reducing the cost of mileage and expenses associated with using a vehicle. This is especially helpful for smaller offices, where the overhead associated with a car or truck can quickly add up. It also saves the practice money because there is no need to provide office space for a computer system as well as other hardware that can easily be procured for the purpose.

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The Impact of Telemedicine on Your Healthcare Practice