Reasons to Fall in Love with IQ Snacks


Skincare is a niche market that is very competitive and has a lot of moving parts. What separates organic from certified organic Just what does it entail to claim that something is “natural?”

When looking for a new skincare range, where do you even begin?

To begin, it’s a good idea to go over some of the taglines used by some of the most well-known skincare brands. Did you know that no regulations or protocols must be met for a product to be labelled as “natural”? This means that any company may use the word “natural” on their packaging, even if their product contains no such thing.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic seal is the first item to look for. Products that fit this description include between ninety-five and one hundred percent organic ingredients, with the remaining five to seven percent being safe for human use even if they weren’t grown using organic techniques. The company’s namesake, beauty industry trailblazer Horst M. Rechelberger, believed that the quality of skincare products should be on par with that of food. Since the majority of topical substances are absorbed by the body, we should only ingest them if we are sure of their safety.


Furthermore, Intelligent Nutrients is committed to preserving a spotless, chemical-free setting

The beautiful products you see before you are made using ingredients farmed in accordance with organic agricultural practises. The many chemicals produced as a result of traditional farming won’t damage the environment, our food supply, or our health.

The company has also been given the Leaping Bunny seal of approval, which guarantees that no animals were hurt in the making of its wares. This is really important to me because of how much I care about animals. Having learned that they are kind not just toward humans and nature, but also toward the cute animals that populate our planet, my heart has been warmed.

You may use their products regardless of your age or skin type since they cater to everyone. No matter what age you are or what your skin type is, Intelligent Nutrients has a solution for you. Whether you’re a young person looking for better goods or an older person with ageing skin, they’ve thought of everything. They’ve considered every possible scenario.

Many of their goods are made using plant stem cell research

When plants are grown in a lab rather than in the soil, more than a thousand tonnes of water can be saved for every kilogram of components, the carbon inputs usually associated with agriculture may be avoided, and acreage can be preserved for the production of sustainably cultivated food. No pesticides allowed. Farmers may save time and money by not watering their crops, and the plant stem cells they use produce antioxidants with up to 1,000 times the power of conventional chemicals that have been chemically stabilised. Several plants, such as lilac, pennywort, and echinacea, have shown promising results when applied to the skin. They may reduce the depth of wrinkles, substantially improve texture, soothe, and protect against free radical damage.


How seriously have you considered uprooting and moving to IN? Give one of their beginner kits a try! Pick from one of three unique sets of four travel-sized goods that together provide a whole skin care routine. One of their most popular and effective products is included in each of the packages.