Physical Changes During Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Physical Changes During Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

In the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body continues to change. Weeks 13 to 26 are commonly referred to as the second trimester. Almost every day, your baby grows and develops throughout this time. This implies your stomach will expand and you’ll notice additional changes. Some of the changes are listed below during this trimester.

  • Breast And Belly Changes

Your belly develops as your uterus expands to make room for the baby. Your breasts will also continue to grow in size over time. A sports bra or a supportive bra with wide straps is required.

  • Skin Changes

Some regions of your skin may become stretched tight as your body expands. Elastic fibres just beneath the skin have the potential to tear. Stretch marks are indented skin streaks caused by this. Stretch marks are most likely to appear on the stomach and breasts.

  • Body Changes

Your body is rapidly altering to accommodate the growing baby. These physical changes may occur in you as well. It includes leg pain, stomach pain, back pain, Urinary Tract Infections, bleeding gums, braxton hicks contractions, and loose teeth.

  • Vaginal Discharge

A sticky, clear, or white vaginal discharge is possible. This is very normal. If your discharge becomes foul-smelling, has an unusual colour, or is accompanied by pain, soreness, or itching in your vaginal area, see your doctor. According to doctors, it can cause vaginal infection.

Hence, healthy nutrients must be a part of a woman’s diet throughout pregnancy and for that Women’s Horlicks ingredients can help. It contains 25 essential nutrients necessary for the mother’s health and the baby’s growth. Also, it contains essential nutrients like DHA and Choline. Such nutrients are necessary for the correct development of the foetus’ brain and neurological system. Thus, during the 2nd-trimester, women’s must keep themselves healthy.