Obesity issues and Your Complications


    The risk of mortality is increased, especially as obesity is severe and early. The associated disease risks depend on the age and the pathologies already present. Those are:

    • The diabetes non-insulin dependent
    • The cardiovascular diseases including hypertension
    • The respiratory problems including apnea during sleep
    • The rheuma at the hips, the knees and the spine
    • The metabolism problems , including blood lipids
    • The hormonal abnormalities
    • The calculations of the gallbladder
    • the venous problems and skin
    • The greater risks in case of surgery

    Social and psychological repercussions

    On the psychological and social level obesity represents a functional hindrance in everyday life. It creates difficulties in hiring and frequent invalidity for medical reasons. It is a source of social discrimination in adults as well as in children and often leads to depression. From lorcaserin intermediate manufacturer factory you can have the best medicine.

    According to various recent surveys, it reaches 6 to 7% of men and 8 to 9% of women in adulthood. Particularly high in the northern and eastern regions, it varies with age and peaks in the 60-70 age group. In children obesity is on the increase.

    The problem of obesity is moderate compared to other countries such as the United States where 20% of men and 25% of women are obese.

    How do we define obesity?

    The weight threshold that defines obesity is based on the medical notion of risk of mortality caused by excess weight. The World Health Organization has defined obesity according to the Body Mass Index (BMI) according to the following classification:

    To make the diagnosis of obesity, other measures and the presence of associated pathologies are taken into account.

    In our society obsessed with thinness, obese people suffer from a very poor social and professional image. However, being very fat is not only an aesthetic handicap, and obesity must be considered as a chronic disease which can have serious physical and psychological consequences. There comes the solution from lorcaserin hcl manufacturer.

    How is obesity constituted?


    Obesity occurs during a period when the energy balance is positive, that is to say that the caloric intake is excessive in relation to the energy expenditure. A distinction is made between obesities that form early in childhood and those that start in adulthood, often before the age of 40.

    The person who has become obese then stabilizes their weight at an excessive level. Later and in the absence of treatment the weight will tend to increase gradually.

    In children, the corpulence index normally increases during the first year of life and then spontaneously decreases until the age of 6 before increasing again: this is called the rebound of adiposity. If it is too early it is a risk factor for subsequent obesity.

    Several managers

    The causes of the initial energy imbalance linked to obesity are more or less well known:

    • The too rich food intake of sugars and fats, food unstructured rhythms with nibbling off meals and eating disorders.
    • The sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity. There is a relationship between the onset of obesity and the time spent watching television.
    • The genetic factors seem decisive. It has been shown that there is a genetic predisposition to gain weight more easily in some families. A lot of research is being done to try to find the genes responsible.
    • The psychological factors: depressive tendencies, eating disorders.
    • The social factors: As in all industrialized countries obesity is higher in disadvantaged and migrant backgrounds, especially severe obesity.
    • Current lifestyles with reduced physical activity, changes in eating habits, increased room temperature in homes, etc.


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