Israel Figa Says Strong Immune System Even More Difficult Today than Before


One of the first things you hear from doctors when they talk about the coronavirus is that you should have a strong immune system. It is amazing that you can survive the pandemic without any worries if you have a strong immune system. People who have been able to defend the infection of the virus with their immune system are even better in terms of health than those who do through the use of the vaccine. However, Israel Figa has been advising people to pay even more attention than before to take care of their immune system right now. 

He said that keeping your immune system stronger in these times is going to be much more difficult than ever in the past. The current restrictions on the borders of the countries and the inaccessible food items and articles have made many countries suffer in a variety of ways. But how exactly is it going to get more difficult to keep your immune system healthy as Israel Figa says? Well, let’s find out what he has to say to clear the fog. 

No Exposure to Nature

People are locked in their homes now. They cannot get out because they can get fined and the government has advised the police and other law and order reinforcement authorities to keep an eye on the people. More importantly, any places in the country that attract a lot of people have been shut down completely to keep people from visiting in the form of gatherings and crowds. Of course, places that are close to nature are the first ones to fall in this category. Take the example of beaches where people are found in hundreds of thousands of numbers. 

In addition to that, these places expose people to negative ions, which are believed to make a person feel healthy and fresh. At the same time, people are able to inhale a lot of pure oxygen when they go to these places. However, with most of the people in quarantine and isolation, they are not going anywhere. They are not even seeing the sunlight. This is making their immune system even weaker than before. Israel Figa says that if you have homes with rooftops, you should go there and get some sunlight in the morning. 

No More Imports 

Imports have stopped all around the world. You have some countries that rely completely on their imports. Not to mention, farmers in small and developing countries rely on the fertilizers and equipment that is usually imported from other countries. With no imports taking place right now, the farmers have become limited as well. They cannot grow the crops like they were before. In addition to that, a lot of different dietary items that people with special conditions need in their diet come from other countries. They now have to rely on the dietary items that are available to them locally. 

This is something alarming for people with special conditions. Also, when farmers are not able to grow the crops, you can already predict that things will get messed up in the country. The complete lack of imports is causing a huge damage to a lot of countries. People don’t have the dietary choices today that they used to have just a couple of years ago. In other words, since they are relying on alternatives, they cannot keep their immune systems as strong as it used to be in the past. This will open doors for viral infections to take place more frequently than before. 

Final Thoughts 

Your immune system is your first line of defense against the virus and you have to keep it as strong as possible. If you have a strong immune system, you will not have to worry about anything else other than SOPs. As per Israel Figa, people are going to face some problems in keeping their immune systems strong due to lockdowns and blocked borders. This calls for you to take special measures to keep yourself stronger.