Hydrogen water: what is to know about it?


To maintain a correct balance between free radicals and antioxidant systems, it is important to constantly provide the body with an adequate supply of molecules with antioxidant properties from the outside. All detox actions, diets and treatments to create a wellness program often include a good supply of water to the body, but the importance of hydrogen is neglected. Free radicals are naturally managed by our bodies, but if their presence is excessive, an imbalance can occur.

In addition, free radicals can cause cardiovascular disease, raise bad cholesterol levels, increase cancer risk. Populations less “exposed” to excess free radicals age later and have a greater longevity than populations in which there is more frenetic activity. Some studies indicate a correlation between free radicals and: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arteriosclerosis, diabetes.

What are the benefits of hydrogen water?

Many according to the manufacturers of these water dispensers, a ‘view shared by some members of fitness and nutrition, offering this particular water into their websites by listing the virtues and benefits especially for people involved in physical activity. The molecules of H 2 dissolved in hydrogen water act as powerful antioxidants, selectively neutralizing free radicals and participating in the physiological “protective” mechanisms for the body. These properties translate into a series of important benefits –

  • Detox effect: thanks to the stimulation of diuresis, nascent hydrogen water supports normal kidney function and promotes the elimination of metabolic residues and toxins accumulated in the body. Hydrogen Water also improves metabolism by contributing to the reduction of body weight and normal blood circulation, increasing blood fluidity.
  • Anti-aging effect: the rising hydrogen water keeps the skin hydrated and perfects its appearance, intervening on the signs of skin aging from the inside. At the same time, Hydrogen Water protects all cells in the body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.
  • Promotes digestive functions and the absorption of nutrients: the nascent hydrogen water helps maintain the correct balance of the physiological bacterial flora in the intestinal environment;
  • Improve sports performance: hydrogen water reduces the production of lactic acid in the muscles and reduces the sense of fatigue after training and competitive activity.

Unlike all the antioxidants that we could introduce with our diet, which circulate in the body only through the bloodstream, hydrogen spreads faster even outside the bloodstream and penetrates any tissue.

How to supply hydrogen to the body every day?

Also known as Hydrogen Enriched Water, this is ordinary water (H2O) containing dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2). Being a gas, it is difficult to find free hydrogen on our planet. We can rarely find natural water sources that contain dissolved hydrogen. However, we can also make ideal drinking hydrogen water at home. All this has been possible, thanks to automatic generators that enrich the water in a natural way with active hydrogen through the electrolysis process.

Drinking hydrogen water is becoming an increasingly popular solution to alleviate the effects of oxidation. The best technologies to produce hydrogen water have been developed in China, Japan and South Korea. From the mid-1900s, the most important innovations for the production of hydrogenated water were gradually created in these areas.