How to take care of your hair in Winters?

take care of your hair in Winters

To minimize the harsh winter or cold season effects on your hair to prevent damage, it is necessary you follow a winter hair care routine. Your hair is precious, and in the cold months, they have more risks of breakage due to dry, cold air, dryness, which makes it ugly during these months specifically. Whether it is putting the right hair oil like indulekha Bhringa Oil or the right chemical-free shampoo, there are numerous tips that are specifically important to prevent damage and harsh effects of winters on your hair.

  • Moisturize your scalp and hair with hair oil

During the winter months, due to dry air in the environment, there is not enough moisture left on your scalp. So it is necessary to put oil in your hair and massage once a week. Try using Indulekha Oil that is an ayurvedic cure for all the hair issues in all the seasons.

  • Avoid the usage of a dryer after washing your hair.

In winters, the environment is already very much dry, and so is your scalp. And after that, if you use the dryer on your hair, it will worsen the situation leading to hair damage and breakage.

  • Avoid regular hair washes or frequent hair washes.

Washing of hair regularly wipes away the essential oils from the scalp that keep the air nourished and moisturized, so wash your hair twice or thrice a week only. You can use dry shampoos as an alternative.

  • Avoid heat styling products.

We all know that heat styling is the main reason behind our damaged hair. So avoid heat styling in winters as it sucks all the moisture from the hair strands, and whenever possible, use a hair serum to soften up your hair.

  • Start using hair masks.

Every week at least one time, put up a natural hair mask in your hair to provide nourishment and moisturization. They hydrate and soften your hair and scalp, which reduces hair damage, especially in these colder months.