How to Improve Your Skin with the Affordable Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore


At every phase of their life, everyone aspires to have youthful skin, a radiant youth, and a youthful appearance. The best skin care practices and frequent observance of certain fundamental healthy hygiene guidelines are necessary for having healthy skin. There are various face rejuvenation procedures available, and there is no lack of professional guidance to help you maintain healthy-looking skin. Most often, people choose various face procedures in affordable aesthetic clinics in Singapore, holistic therapies, and even home cures.

Since every person’s skin is different, some treatments might not be effective on your skin. To prevent skin issues, it is advised that you see a specialist before choosing any skin therapies. Facial laser therapy is one alternative for those who are worried about aging-related symptoms. These sorts of procedures are tried-and-true anti-aging techniques that make use of cutting-edge laser devices to get the greatest results. But these laser procedures include a number of procedures that are typically carried out by professionals. They may provide you with mind-blowing outcomes with little to zero downtime if done correctly.

What’s a Fotona 4D Facial?

The elasticity and firmness of the skin deteriorate with aging. The skin may seem sagging, discolored, and uneven. The 4D facial therapy includes laser technology to specifically treat these skin flaws and restore the radiance to the skin. It works at the cell level to stimulate the production of more elastin and collagen, which firms the skin. It also lessens those annoying huge expanded pores and reduces age spots and discoloration. Both the interior and exterior of the mouth cavity are treated with a series of synergistic and non-invasive laser treatments.

Without the need for fillers and injections, this enables the full production of collagen for consistent volume and firmness of the skin. For those who prefer to avoid surgical procedures for their aging difficulties, the 4D Facial is the greatest option. It may address a variety of skin issues, including aging, post-acne hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, freckles, volume loss in the face, sun spots, and uneven complexion on the neck and face.

4 Stages Of The Procedure:

Intraoral Smooth-Liftin

This painless procedure enhances facial volumization by focusing on the membranes oral mucous, which promotes the creation of collagen. It’s a non-ablative procedure that produces the same results as face dermal fillers and has a volumizing impact. The nearby skin becomes more elastic and plump as your skin grows collagen, which helps to fill up the nasolabial creases. Collagen in the mucous membranes of the face will be restructured as a result of the calming, uplifting mood.

FRAC3 Rejuvenation

The FRAC3 Nd YAG laser is used in the second part of the 4D face therapy. It damages the skin’s surface layers at a tiny scale by penetrating the deeper skin layers of the skin. Although this procedure is referred to be non-ablative, it penetrates deeply into the layers of skin to improve and mend the skin’s appearance. The FRAC3 Nd YAG lasers treat existing skin conditions in the hypodermal layers of tissue using a photo-thermal procedure. This will work well to repair skin damage brought on by wrinkles, dark spots, and an uneven tone. You will appear more relaxed and revitalized after completing this phase, which will regenerate and create new skin cells.

PIANO Skin Tightening

The next phase involves using the Fotona Dynamis laser’s exclusive Piano setting to provide sustained laser pulses that are carefully managed to heat your skin. The neck and facial region are among the areas where the Piano mode fights aging. The targeted regions experience lifting effects as a result of laser energy pulses. The deep subcutaneous layers get warmer as a result of the laser radiation. The interaction between this mode and the skin causes photothermal damage in the adipose dermal regions. The skin in the intended areas is effectively firmed and rejuvenated by this.

Light Superficial Peel

A dermal enhancing laser peel is included in the 4D Facial’s last stage, done in affordable aesthetic clinics in Singapore. By eliminating the flaws on the face, laser peeling help to considerably improve the appearance of the skin. The skin’s texture is smoothed and given a pearly finish by the micro-laser peel. Pores are shrunk as a result of this 4D facial, and lines and wrinkles are also reduced.