How is a nicotine patch worn


Many people complain of not getting the desired outcome from the use of a nicotine patch. They have changed dose and switched where it is worn but they isn’t an improvement. For most of them, the problem isn’t about the efficacy and authenticity of the patch, it is simply a problem of not apply the patch appropriately or using it very well.

Firstly, let us talk about what a nicotine patch is for those who have no idea what it is. A nicotine patch is basically an alternative to smoking. The whole essence of smoking is to make sure nicotine gets into the body without having to expose your lungs to the dangers of smoking. Smoking is bad and addictive. It also hurts and harms the body in so many ways. So, a nicotine patch is used to achieve essentially the same thing, which is to make sure the brain gets the nicotine it craves.

The patch is worn on any part of the skin and delivers nicotine into the body. Experts recommend wearing a new patch every twenty-four hours. A patch helps you reduce the withdrawal symptom and effects of quitting this addictive habit.

What is the best way to use a nicotine patch?

A nicotine transdermal patch is designed to be worn directly on any part of the human skin. As earlier explained, the convention is to apply a new patch every twenty-four hours. The length of time for which a patch is used depends on its dose and effectiveness. Before using a nicotine patch, make sure you secure approval from a doctor all pharmacists and follow every instruction they give to you. If you need clarity on anything written on the prescription label, talk to them about it. Make sure you obey the dosage instruction issued by the doctor to prevent nicotine overdose.

Before applying the patch, make sure your skin is not irritated, oily, or broken. Applying the patch to an irritated surface will not only make it ineffective, it will also cause discomfort. A nicotine patch should only be applied to a clean and dry skin. It is also important to avoid applying it on a part of the skin that has hair.

To use a nicotine patch effectively, the first thing is to take it out from the package. It usually has a protective slip that needs to be removed. After removing the protective slip, the patch should be worn on the skin immediately. The patch has a sticky part and this is the part that should make contact with the skin. The sticky part should also be held firmly on the skin. If the patch touches the ground during the application process, do not use it again. Replace it with a new one and wash your hands.

Nicotine patches are commonly worn on the upper arm, hip, or upper chest. Interestingly, it is possible to wear a nicotine patch under the shower or in the bathroom. After a patch has been used or served its intended purpose, make sure you dispose it properly away from the reach of pets and little children. It is very wrong to wear two nicotine patches at a time to maintain nicotine patch dosing. This could lead to overdose. To prevent irritation of the skin, the next patch should be worn on a different area of the skin.