How Do You Keep Your Old Spa Cover Like a New?


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Whether you’ve just had a new swim facility or hot tub set up or recently replaced a worn-out cover, maintain it is looking and functioning like new for as long as you can making use of these jacuzzi cover maintenance tips.

  • Don’t clean it with a cleaning agent

The cleaning agent can create a lathering as well as algae trouble in your tub or spa. Also, avoid any cleaners, including silicone, bleach, or alcohol, as these ingredients can damage the vinyl. Rather, every 1 to 3 months, eliminate your cover, clean the top, sides as well as bottom with water, and use a marine vinyl cleaner. We suggest utilizing a product specifically created for spa covers. Apply a lot more item along seams as well as any type of areas where water pools. Then protect the external part your cover using a vinyl conditioner. This action secures the cover, which will maintain dust from getting involved in the plastic pores, and will help shield the cover from the sun’s severe rays.

  • Do not make use of a razor blade to eliminate sap

Many ranges of trees produce sap in the springtime, which can drop on your cover and harden. To eliminate it from your cover, rub any type of oil you would use in your kitchen, grease, or mayonnaise will also work into the sap. Rinse with water, after that very carefully scuff or chip plant materials using your fingernail, do not use things that would tear or damage the plastic.

  • Don’t overlook indications of damages

You can prevent and repair little troubles that, if you neglect them, will influence the honesty and long life of the cover of your spa. Inspect the interior of your spa cover to make certain the foam core, as well as a vapor obstacle, are in excellent condition. Check the zipper for any kind of mold. Try to find sewing that’s becoming loose, issues with hinges, as well as any little holes in the plastic. Check your cover clips to ensure they have the ability to keep your cover safeguard via a negative storm.

If needed, you can use spa cover caps, and prolong the life of your Spa Cover.