How Can an Adjustable Bed Improve your Sleep?



How many times have you woken up feeling stiff and achy? While this might be caused by a number of different issues, these pains are much more likely to occur when you sleep on a traditional flat mattress surface. This is where a single adjustable bed comes into a league of its own. 

The beauty of an adjustable bed frame is that it allows the user to pick exactly how they want to be positioned when they sleep. If you are a sufferer from localised physical pains, your adjustable bed can transform to help relieve those pain points to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable when you sleep.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed base is a multi-hinged surface that supports compatible mattresses. With a corresponding remote, you can adjust your bed’s angles with ease to enjoy several different ergonomic positions. Adjustable bases provide comfort, customisation and support that traditional bases do not.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Investing in an adjustable bed is a good choice as they are long-lasting and support your ever-changing sleeping needs every night. Whether you currently sleep in a healthy or unhealthy position, adjustable bases can bring you an overall healthier sleeping experience. Other benefits of adjustable beds include:

  1. Easier Recuperation

Sleep is meant for both your brain and body to recuperate from the stresses of the day. For those suffering from specific injuries or bodily discomfort, the customisable nature of adjustable beds can help aid you on the road to recovery. Issues such as arthritis, asthma, cramps, neck or back pain, and even heart abnormalities can all benefit from the personalisation available through an adjustable bed.

  1. Less Strain on your Heart

Traditional beds don’t always evenly distribute your body’s pressure over the entire surface area. Lying on a completely flat surface can force your heart to work harder while taking in oxygen and pumping it into your bloodstream. With an adjustable bed, you can alter the angles in order to promote easier breathing, better blood circulation and reduce the burden on your heart. 

  1. Healthier Posture, Better Sleep

People put a lot of emphasis on having good posture while sitting and standing throughout the day, but it is just as important to maintain this good posture at night; it is crucial to your health. Using an adjustable bed can help to support the natural curve of your spine while you are sleeping – this is especially important for stomach sleepers. This will reduce your chances of stiffness, strained muscles and scoliosis. Physical discomforts that interrupt deep sleep can also be avoided by maintaining a healthy sleeping position throughout the night.

  1. Reduce Snoring

If you have a serious problem with snoring, an adjustable bed can help. By angling your body into more of an upright position throughout the night, your nasal passageways will be unobstructed, making it easier to breathe. Elevation, even just a small amount can allow for better airflow, which helps to reduce snoring. 

  1. Wide Range of Ergonomic Positions

Adjustable beds are not only great for sleeping, but for many other activities while lounging around. These activities include reading, writing, typing and even watching television. With the click of a button, your bed can transition effortlessly into an upright position. This way, your head and back can relax against the soft surface of your mattress, rather than against a firm wall or headboard. 

Adjust your Sleep with an Adjustable Bed

Traditional beds are built with a one-size fits all approach; the issue with this is that no two people sleep in exactly the same way. Even those who sleep in the same positions require different sleeping conditions – this is because not everyone’s body is the same.

Generic beds simply won’t conform to your exact sleeping and lounging needs; luckily, adjustable beds allow you to customise your sleeping experience to you can improve your overall health and get better sleep. 



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