Home Remedies for Tinnitus


When one has Tinnitus, they are often left very anxious and frustrated as there is no prescribed medical cure. The FDA has not approved any treatment or supplement as a guaranteed cure for Tinnitus. Though modern treatments like stem cell treatments and advanced surgeries are making progress towards finding a cure for Tinnitus, they are still a very long way away from becoming mainstream. So, does that mean that there is absolutely nothing you can do to try to get Tinnitus relief? That is not the case at all. Here are some home remedies you can try to seek Tinnitus relief, as early as today.

Yoga for Tinnitus – Try the following poses to see if your Tinnitus will calm down. The cobra pose and the triangle pose. Both these poses are designed to help more blood flow into your ears. With more blood comes more nutrients to your ear. Though it might not yield immediate relief, there’s a very good chance that regular yoga will allow your Tinnitus to ease out to at least manageable if not negligible levels.

Pulling on your earlobe – This is a simple but amazingly effective technique that can almost instantly make your Tinnitus less severe or even go away in some cases. It doesn’t work for everyone. But, you can find out in just the next minute. Hold your earlobe with your thumb and forefinger as if you were about to pinch it. Then, in one swift motion, gently but firmly pull down and then up as if you were making a V like path. Do this about 30 times on each ear. If this technique works, it will work within a minute or two. Even if it does work, it will however only provide temporary relief. But, considering that it has the potential to turn off the Tinnitus sound, it is something you can always practice everytime you need some quiet time.

Steam your sinuses – Do you have sinus allergies, congestions or blocks in your nasal cavities, in addition to your Tinnitus. The key to solving your ear ringing problem could lie in fixing this nasal congestion or clogging. To do so, steam your nasal cavities using a steamer. Make sure that you inhale through your nose and engage in deep breaths to allow as much steam inhalation as possible. You could also add a few drops of menthol and eucalyptus oil or camphor. If you don’t have these drops, you can always use a little bit of Vicks smeared on the edges of your nostrils to let  the active ingredients do their work, relaxing your sinus cavities and allowing built-up fluids to break down and drain. Clearing up your sinuses will allow your Eustachaian tube to clear. This is a tube that connects your ears to your nasal cavities. When the tube is cleared, it can help ear pressure normalize and potentially turn off your Tinnitus.

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