It is a commonly raised question whether women can undergo a Hair Transplant Toronto ? Women experiment with their hair ever so often and when they start to experience hair thinning, they try everything from perms to medication to prevent hair thinning. Female hair transplant has become more common today, due to the advancement in technology.

Why do women go through hair fall?

Some of the reasons why women go through hair loss differ from men. For most of the female pattern hair loss, DHT sensitive hair start to fall out when going through menopause, which implies that some of the attractive features which have become a part of your identity are suddenly out of your control. This Androgenic alopecia in women is a hereditary condition, in which the hairline usually remains in place but there is diffuse thinning which is noted all over the head. You first start to notice your hair loss when you either start to see more of your scalp or when there are more strands in the drain or pillow or on the floor of your house.

Genes, hormones, lifestyle and medical conditions are some of the other factors which influence hair loss in women. Crash-dieting causes nutrient deprivation which leads to temporary hair shedding. Medication side effects, hormonal change during pregnancy, menopause, rapid weight loss, iron-deficient anaemia, thyroid dysfunction, severe emotional or physical stress, polycystic ovaries and surgical procedures or scalp trauma are some more reasons why women go through hair loss.

The Pros of undergoing hair transplant

If you’ve decided to opt for hair transplant, then careful assessment and planning may result in lasting and effective results. In Advanced FUE technology, each graft is delicately preserved. The newest available technology has not only reduced the downtime after the procedure but also ensures success. With greater visibility of treatment area, less transaction or damage to valuable grafts and fast, uniform extraction, the tedious task of relocating of each graft is done by FUE for women. The procedure usually lasts longer for women and need more strategic planning. FUE can work to create a denser and fuller look for you again, if your hair loss has slowed or stabilized or if your hair loss is hereditary or it is traction alopecia.

The cons of undergoing hair transplant

Hair redistribution is the idea behind FUE technology. It works extremely well for male pattern balding as the hair doesn’t fall out from the back or sides. These are the sources of donor grafts as they have dense growth and also camouflage the removal of grafts.

In the case of female pattern baldness, the hair follicles all over the head are unstable. As the thinning in females is spread out, the hair which is present at the back or on the sides are equally prone to shedding as the strands on the top. The Follicle Killing DHT may cause some of the transferred hair to be lost, which would cause the loss of investment. The transplanted hair is as prone to falling out as the permanent hair.