Get Done Different Types Of Ultrasound Scans You Want


Today, technology has advanced a lot and the professionals can easily detect the growth of the baby. The doctors can also monitor the foetus growth by measuring the uterus of the women. The ultrasound is advanced imaging technology. It produces 2D grey, white, and black image of the internal state by using the sound waves. An ultrasound scan can be used in obstetrics to check the how uterus and ovaries of women are responding to the different treatments. The development of the fetus can be viewed.

Get Clear Images

The doctor directs the sound waves to the body area which is to be viewed with the transducer. Ultrasound is very useful as the parents can see the image of the growing child. The ultrasound is done by a sonographer in a Private Ultrasound Scan London within the clinical facility. There are different types of ultrasound scan and the most common is transvaginal ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound. The transvaginal ultrasound is done when the embryo is small and is not easy to detect. There is an instrument that is injected in the vagina for capturing clear fetal images. In the abdominal ultrasound, the woman lies down on the table and the 2D images of the fetus are captured by the sonographer.

Safe And Secure

The wand is also used for bouncing the waves off from the bones of the fetus developing for capturing the images. The women are requested to drink more water so that they can get clear pictures. Well, the sonographers can also determine the sex of the baby and reveal it to the parents if they want. The ultrasound scan can tell a lot of things about the developing fetus which you would like to know. The sonographers can also check and measure the blood flow to the brain and heart of the fetus, the length, and the weight of the fetus’s extremities.

It is totally safe to get the ultrasound done at any stage during the pregnancy development. The radiation emitted from the ultrasound is very less and minimal. Now the women are trying to get more 3D and 4D ultrasounds so that they can have clear images. Such ultrasounds are provided by private clinics at some additional cost. You can get done the ultrasound and even the CD of the video of that process. A lot of women are opting for this to have the memory too. You can get done an ultrasound from a reputed clinic.


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