Determining the Victim State During the Emergency


You ought to rapidly and effectively survey the state of the person in question, that is, build up whether he is alive or dead, and assuming alive, decide the seriousness of the injury. Sanitätsdienst München teaches the basic rules to determine a person’s state. 

Indications of life:

  • The presence of a heartbeat in the carotid conduit.
  • Unconstrained relaxing. It is set up by the development of the chest, by the respiratory clamor.
  • Understudy response to light. On the off chance that you close the open eye of the casualty with your hand, and afterward rapidly take it aside, then, at that point, the understudy will limit.

Passing signs:

  • Absence of heartbeat in the focal corridors.
  • Absence of response of the understudy to light.
  • Obfuscating and drying of the cornea of ​​the eyes.

At the point when the eyes are crushed from the sides with the fingers, the understudy limits and looks like a feline’s eye. Malteser sanitätsdienst münchen teaches eliminating noticeable unfamiliar bodies from the stomach, thoracic, or cranial injuries. Leave them set up, regardless of whether they are enormous and can be taken out without any problem. 

When attempting to eliminate them, critical draining or different inconveniences are conceivable. Cover with swathes and gauze cautiously until ambulances show up. Asb sanitätsdienst münchen suggests the following measures:

  • Leave oblivious on the casualty’s back, particularly with a note and regurgitating. 
  • Contingent upon the state, he should be turned on his side or, in outrageous cases, his head ought to be gone aside.
  • Take off garments and shoes from a casualty in a genuine condition, you should just tear or cut them. 

Allow the casualty to take a gander at their injury. Try not to irritate his condition with your engrossed look, give assistance smoothly and unhesitatingly, quieting and empowering him.