Definition of Bulk Billing and its eligibility criteria!


The day-to-day expenses in today’s time are increasing, and for some families, it isn’t easy to even manage the household finances. In such cases, the cost of medical care is a big concern. In some states, the Medicare system has developed a healthcare system that is more affordable and accessible to people across the countries. The Medicare system has introduced the concept of “bulk bill,” which means that your appointment with healthcare professionals won’t cost a single penny.

To know about the bulk bill medical clinic, check the medical clinics near your area, and know their eligibility criteria.

Moving forward, let us understand the bulk billing for medical practices.

What is bulk billing?

Bulk billing means the healthcare services provided by the professionals at no cost to patients. Instead of paying a fee for various visits to doctors, the medical experts will charge the Medicare directly and make a partial rebate. This will help patients to save some of their money, and they won’t have to pay visit fees regularly.

The patients are required to sign a form or press a button on the EFTPOS machine to provide permission for certain practices that seek payment on your behalf from Medicare. It might be possible that you are not able to sign the form, and the reasons could be many, including injured, underage, or unconscious. In such cases, one of your family membersneeds to provide consent on behalf of you.

Eligibility for Bulk Billing

The bulk billing is obtainable at the prudence of medical practice or individual doctor, but it is important to be eligible for bulk billion. To be eligible, the patient must be enrolled for Medicare. People who are unsure whether they are eligible for bulk billing must consult the medical clinic before meeting the doctors. This will help you to know the eligibility criteria for bulk billing. You can also check out the instructions about bulk billing and learn about the enrollment process in Medicare and obtain the Medicare Card.

There are some medical clinics where doctors have different policies for different patients. In some policies, the doctors bulk bill the patients like Seniors Card Holders or Age Pension recipients. Some policies include children or students that are under 16 years and are Health Care Card holders. Others may have policies to choose the patients for a bulk bill that have follow-up appointments in which they only get the test results.

Some medical clinics tend to provide a bulk bill to almost all the patients despite their income or age. Amongst General Practitioners, bulk billing is quite common, and as per the reports of the Department of Health, around 86.2% of services carried out by General Practitioners are bulk billed. The people who are eligible for bulk billing include children below 16 years of age, Health Care Card holders, Seniors Card Holders, Age Pension pensioners, students and children, home visit services/after business hours, and the patients at bulk billing practice.