Cytology Centrifuge: Quick Overview


    A cytology centrifuge (also known as cytology centrifuge) has been widely used in the clinical setting for many years now. It is considered a powerful tool when concentrating ascites, urine, scanty neoplastic cells, and other cell suspensions for cytological evaluation. One of the best cytology centrifuge in the market is the Universal 320.

    Considered the universal choice when it comes to cytology centrifuges, Universal 320 is very versatile,compact and spins up to 12 cyto funnels in a run. The Universal 320 also has a vast range of accessories designed to enhance its overall performance.

    Cytology centrifuges are typically used in hematology, cytopathology, microbiology, and biological research. When preparing a cytocentrifuge smear, a funnel assembly will be attached to the front of the microscope slide.  A filter paper is placed to the surface that is in contact with the slide to absorb any excess fluid.

    Applications of Cytology Centrifuges

    Some of the most common applications of cytology centrifuges include:

    • Conducting differential cell counts on body fluids like cerebrospinal, serous, and synovial fluids
    • Cytopathology examination of liquid specimens including fine needle aspirates and body fluids
    • Gram staining of fluid specimens to identify microorganisms

    The cytocentrifugation process might cause cells to appear distorted so samples with high cell counts are usually diluted before smear preparation.