CPAP Cost and Other Important CPAP Information


CPAP Therapy does not come cheap. It involves a rather large sum of money to invest, but when considering the return of investment, it’s something that can be worth investing for. For those who are just about to canvass for their CPAP machine, here’s a helpful guide to show you CPAP cost.

Prescription First

A little caveat before we start, a prescription is needed from a doctor before you can order a CPAP Machine. A prescription will only be given once a sleep study has been done to confirm you have Sleep Apnea. A home sleep study costs about $200 and a lab sleep study will run about $5,000. The main difference is that the lab sleep studies can also monitor for other conditions, while a home sleep study is meant to just check Sleep Apnea. Ask your insurance company how much they can cover for these tests and then you can decide which would be more ideal for your situation.

Let’s Talk About Cost

Now that you’ve got your prescription in check, it’s time to start canvassing for your CPAP machine. A CPAP machine is made up of different parts that may require separate purchasing: you have the machine itself, the mask, the hose, the filter, and the humidifier (note: only needed if the machine does not have a humidifier built-in).

A few blogs explore the differences between these accessories and it is really up to you and your lifestyle and budget which of these will be the best for you right now. Some people invest a lot of money upfront so they don’t have to in the long run, but for some who may have a tighter budget, buying can come in phases or it may start with more reasonably priced items then gradually, to more long-lasting items. Here’s a sample average breakdown of cost for each item you need for CPAP therapy:

– CPAP Machine: $200 to $500

– Mask/s: $35 to $150

– Hoses: $10 to $40

– Filters: $2 to $40

– Humidifier: $100 to 200$

TOTAL: $347 to $930

Yes, it’s a big range because you can mix and match different parts granted that your machine is capable of utilizing parts from different brands. Again, it’s your preference, lifestyle, and budget that will matter. Research is your friend here. Take your time and pick out the items best for you.


Medical insurance is tricky with CPAP because it varies from one company to another. Some will offer a rent-to-own program, which we don’t really recommend because the CPAP supplier isn’t obligated to give the insurance client the best price. Comparatively, buying online will be loads cheaper.

Check your insurance company what they can cover when it comes to your CPAP Therapy and weigh your options to see if it would be better to do a co-pay with your insurance, if they offer that, or to go buy it yourself and filing a reimbursement.

Save Online

When buying online, you’re sure to get reasonable CPAP costs for related machines and parts because sites are looking out for the consumer to get a bang for their buck. You can start canvassing and buying your CPAP machine and parts here. Adjustments may come financially or physically, but money can’t buy the feeling of a good night’s rest.