CBD TEA- Why is it so beneficial to your health?


In a world fighting severe health issues such as stress, immune deficiency, heart problems, and many more, people are looking for natural remedies to overcome bad health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long run. One such natural alternative is CBD Tea. Approved by FDA, CBD tea can prove to prevent many ailments including epilepsy. Many people are now advocating this as a natural prodigy that gives relief from many health-related issues.

CBD Tea, often called cannabis tea, due to its medicinal nature has exploded in popularity the world, especially in the mainstream medical fraternity. Irrespective of gossips and media hypotheses, hemp products are finding their way to people’s homes with much enthusiasm. With the growing demand for CBD oil for relief purposes and other health benefits, people have started to surf the internet for the best-in-class hemp tea for tranquil off-days at home. CBD Tea and CBD Oil can also be bought at wholesale for bulk discounts.

CBD tea is available in tea bags for hassle-free consumption anytime, any day. It is suggested that one should add fat like butter or coconut oil for better absorption of CBD tea since CBD oil is not water-soluble. You may make your CBD tea by adding a few drops of CBD oil, also known as hemp oil to your regular tea.

How beneficial is CBD Tea to your health?

CBD tea has several benefits including pain relief, easing migraines, and improving various other body functions. Some of them are the following:

  1. Reduces symptoms of Asthma
  2. Calms upset stomach
  3. Alleviates chronic pain
  4. Reduces depression and anxiety
  5. Offers neuroprotective effects
  6. Reduces acne symptoms
  7. Improves functioning of the nervous system

It is very important to note that CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive ingredient present in the hemp plant. Thus, you will not feel high after consuming CBD Tea.


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Types of Hemp Tea

There are several types of hemp tea depending on which type of plant cut and age you prefer. Organic hemp tea is made by using the leaves, flowers, buds, seeds, stalks and stems, and even the roots of the hemp plant. This is one of the major reasons why this tea is becoming worldwide famous due to its various forms of availability and plethora of health benefits.

Young Hemp Tea


Young hemp tea, due to its lower cannabinoid (CBD) content as compared to the mature hemp tea, is majorly used as a supplement for vitamins and chlorophyll. It is obtained by using dried clippings of the young cannabis plant. Young hemp tea is available as loose tea as well as in tea bags for easy consumption.


How is young hemp tea beneficial?


Hemp tea offers enormous health benefits to your overall body, proven by randomized clinical trials for many years. These trials have also demonstrated the safety and efficacy of hemp extracts in peripheral and central neuropathic pain, cancer pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from these benefits, the following are other crucial blessings of a young hemp tea:

  1. Increases red blood cell count
  2. Improves hormonal balance
  3. Activates immune system
  4. Slows down aging
  5. Bolsters the bones
  6. Helps to detoxify the body
  7. Promotes wound healing

Mature Hemp Tea


Mature hemp tea is obtained from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually retrieved from older plants. These are also available in the form of teabags as well as in loose form.


How beneficial is Mature Hemp Tea?


Since older cannabis plants surpass the CBD levels, chlorophyll, and vitamins from young hemp tea. It brings all the benefits of CBD as mature hemp tea is non-psychoactive which will not make you high after consuming it. Some key benefits from a mature hemp tea are the following:

  1. Boosts appetite that can infuse healthy eating habits
  2. Protects from Alzheimer’s disease symptoms
  3. Boosts gastrointestinal functions
  4. Helps in improving heart health
  5. Mitigates symptoms of nausea
  6. Fights chronic pain
  7. Inhibits seizures