Can You Hypnotize Yourself to a Pain-Free Birth?



For many expectant mothers, childbirth means enduring excruciating pain and other horrible moments. At least this is what most of us have been made to believe from the labor stories we watch in movies. Most of us have been conditioned to expect the worst during this process. 

While this may be true in some circumstances, it is always good to find ways of acknowledging these feelings without letting them take control of your body and mind.  But how can you achieve this goal? 

Well, hypnosis and hypnobirthing teach simple techniques on how to feel in control during labor.  With hypnosis, you get the power to control your response to the contractions and take charge of the entire process. 

In this post, we help you understand what hypnosis is all about and answer the question of whether you can self-hypnotize to a pain-free birth. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

What Is Hypnosis?


In simple terms, hypnosis refers to a unique way of altering your conscious awareness. It primarily involves focusing your attention inward and becoming more responsive to suggestions.  These suggestions can be verbal or non-verbal and have the power to affect your mood, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

Although the term is derived from “hypnos”- the Greek god of sleep- hypnosis doesn’t cause you to lose control over your surroundings. Once you are hypnotized, you remain awake, relaxed, and in control of your actions. 

Healthcare providers have been using this technique for many years to help different patients. In recent years, the method has been largely used to help expectant mothers achieve comfort and relaxation during childbirth.

How Does Hypnosis Help You Achieve Relaxed Childbirth?

When you are hypnotized, you achieve a deep state of relaxation that allows you to reframe your thoughts because your mind is more open to suggestions.  

When you reach a deep state of concentration and relaxation, your mind can also reprogram the subconscious part with positive and more helpful suggestions. Technically, you are overriding the automatic and often negative patterns of thought you may have learned to believe over time.

With childbirth, your mind has learned to expect pain and suffering during labor. As your due date draws closer, your expectations usually turn into anxiety and fear. 

However, hypnosis can help you reframe these thoughts before drifting into labor, which helps to soothe your mind and body. The process enables you to replace your fears and anxiety about birthing with positive thoughts and actions. 

Can You Hypnotize Yourself to a Pain-Free Birth?


There are two primary ways that hypnosis can be achieved during labor. One, you can choose to use a professional and experienced hypnotherapist who will stay with you throughout the process and guide you into self-hypnosis. 

The other option is to work with a hypnobirthing instructor or hypnotherapist during pregnancy who will teach you how to self-hypnotize. 

In the latter case, you will be taught the different techniques of self-hypnotization and how to drift into hypnosis when the right time comes. You will be expected to do a lot of practice on the techniques, read a lot of examples, and follow scripts to achieve the best results possible.  

In both cases, you can achieve relaxed and pain-free childbirth if you do everything right.