Brief Understanding of the Various Hangover Symptoms


    You may have experienced a hangover at least once a while. You may not deem it something to boast about to others. You should rest assured that Hangovers would be a situation where you would feel dizzy, nausea, dry mouth, aching body, and a pounding headache. It is not something that you would look forward to seeing or feeling again.

    Too much of alcohol would cause unpleasant effects. However, you may wonder about the question of how much is deemed too much for you. A majority of people report about having hangover symptoms despite consuming only a couple of drinks. On the other hand, there would be several heavy drinkers not experiencing any hangover symptoms at all.

    However, for most people, the amount of alcohol consumed along with the time they spend on alcohol consumption would determine the kind of hangover symptoms they would have the next day.

    Do you wonder about the common hangover symptoms? Let us delve on some of the common hangover symptoms.

    Pain – you may experience muscle aches and headaches.

    Constitutional – you may feel thirst, weakness, and fatigue.

    Mood related symptoms – Some mood-related symptoms might crop up as irritability, anxiety, and depression.

    Gastrointestinal symptoms – The most common symptoms would include stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.

    Sympathetic hyperactivity symptoms – Such symptoms would be inclusive of systolic blood pressure, increased pulse, sweating, and tremors.

    Sensory symptoms – The symptoms would be inclusive of sensitivity to light and sound.

    Cognitive symptoms – The symptoms would be inclusive of lack in concentration and reduced attention.

    Biological and sleep problems – You may suffer from lack of sleep, reduced deep sleep, and enhanced slow-wave sleep.

    People suffering from hangovers would often observe the aforementioned symptoms. However, the severity of the symptoms would depend on the amount of liquor consumed and the duration you have consumed liquor.