Best ways of staying sober

Best ways of staying sober

If you are in a recovery stage due to addiction to drugs, you already know how much effort it took to reach there, and you will need to do everything possible to prevent relapse.

It might look that relapse is the last thing that can occur, but the reality is they are pretty normal for those who are new to recovery. It has been found that up to 80 percent of those who get long-standing sobriety had at least one relapse during the recovery phase. Some experienced a lot before they got long-term recovery. Your intention might be good, but it requires more than self-control to prevent a relapse. Watch the most incredible sobriety podcasts.

Tips for staying sober

  1. Build a support system

Count on family members, friends, colleagues for help, even if your bonds are not what they were earlier. Consider visiting a counsellor to get help and to handle other personal problems. Talk to sober friends, or invite them on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

  1. Handle your urges

You can try having chewing gum or a personal mantra like “I won’t do this, I am stronger”. As well, keeping yourself occupied is another great approach.

  1. Keep yourself out of danger

It means that you should not go to those friends who once used to do drugs with you. Look for the top sobriety podcasts online.

How to support an alcoholic in recovery?

Seeing your loved one suffering alcohol abuse might be tough. You may feel what you can do.

Alcoholism is a word that is used to define a person who is having an alcohol abuse disorder. A person suffering from alcohol abuse disorder relies on alcohol both mentally and bodily. They might face issues controlling their drinking behaviours or decide to continue drinking even while it results in problems. These problems might hamper their personal and professional life, or even harm their health.

If you find that anyone in your family has alcohol addiction, then what you could do is to be frank and open with them about this problem. Tell him/her that you are bothered about their drinking problem, and let them realize you want to help them. Do make them understand the benefits of quitting alcohol.

Go to your nearby doctor to know how do I get sober on my own when I cannot stop drinking?