Benefits Of Sex Therapist Services


Sex therapy is essentially a particular kind of psychotherapy, which is a term used for treating mental health issues by speaking with a professional. During sex therapy, concerns about intimacy, sexual function and sexual feelings can be discussed, either in individual, family or couples therapy. Sex therapist services can be effective for persons of any gender, age or sexual orientation.

These services are typically provided by licensed therapists, licensed psychologists, social workers or physicians who have received advanced training in issues related to relationship and sexual health. Sex therapists who are certified hold graduate degrees and can prove their expertise in sex therapy by becoming accredited. This sex therapist in Philadelphia is a great example.

Legitimate sex therapists do not engage in sexual contact with clients, whether in the office or elsewhere. Sexual coaching involving physical contact is not a part of conventional sex therapy. Typically, treatment plans are dependent on the goals and concerns being addressed.

Sex therapist services can assist you in resolving a variety of sexual issues, from difficulties in your sexual relationship to anxieties about sexual functioning. Through sex therapist services, you can focus on issues like:

• Apprehensions about arousal or sexual desire
• Anxieties about sexual orientation or sexual interests
• Erectile functioning concerns
• Compulsive or impulsive sexual behavior
• Ejaculating early
• Trouble reaching orgasm
• Challenges with sexual arousal
• Dyspareunia or painful intercourse
• Concerns about unwanted sexual experiences in the past
• Intimacy problems associated with a chronic condition or disability

What to Expect

It is likely that sex therapy will start with you giving a description of your particular sexual concerns. Problems with sex can be complicated and describing your situation to your therapist will give him or her a clear concept of the factors that are involved. Typically, this involves a detailed evaluation of your background and stating relationship or sexual concerns. When the sex therapist has an understanding of the situation, you will both be able to discuss methods of improving your intimacy and communication and resolving your concerns.

Discussing intimacy and sex might cause anxiety or feel awkward initially; however, sex therapists are qualified and can put you at ease. Additionally, they are skilled at recognizing and exploring concerns about sex. If you are in a relationship, it is typically most useful to involve your partner in the sessions with your sex therapist. There is likely to be a series of homework assignments for you and your partner to do. These could include:

• Communication tasks with your partner
• Watching educational videos or reading about sexual health
• Decelerating and concentrating on what you are sensing during intimate encounters like mindfulness techniques
• Changing the way you interact with your partner both sexually and non-sexually

Typically, sex therapy is short term. There are some concerns that can be quickly addressed in only a few visits; however, a series of counseling sessions are normally required. As the sex therapy continues, you can utilize your home experiences to identify more issues and refine the ones you want to work on.