Anti-Aging Injectable Treatments


For beautiful appearance, we are ready to change our lifestyle, to give money for expensive creams, but for more noticeable and longer-lasting results, we should consider some of the cosmetics procedures. The most popular procedures today are injectable treatments.

These injections are Botox, cosmetic fillers, and other similar treatments which are designed to teat expression lines and wrinkles, but also to prevent wrinkles on some face parts.

Anti-wrinkle injections

When people talk about anti-wrinkle injections, they talk about Botox. This is botulinum toxin, the substance that will relax the muscles which are usually creating wrinkles and fine lines. The process is simple. Botox will block the muscle receptors for contraction, so when the brain is giving the signal for contraction, the muscle will stay relaxed. This way your skin will be smooth and your wrinkles reduced.

Injection treatment is great for deep folds

Because it is a very delicate technique that requires professionalism and experience, the treatment should be done by the specialist. Usually, people are searching for specialized clinics, and for more information, you can visit as it is a reputable clinic with satisfied clients.

The results after Botox treatment will last three to four months, and if you want, you can do this treatment again. The price per single unit is around 9-15$ and depending on how many units you need for some face area, you will get the final price. For example, for forehead treatment you will need 10-20 units and depending on the price that your doctor is charging, your treatment will be from 90$ to 300$.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are great for one more thing, besides reduced wrinkles and fine lines, they give volume to the skin. This characteristic of dermal fillers will make your face look younger, as while aging, our face bones are getting thinner, and we lose our face volume.

Dermal fillers can affect different face parts

Dermal fillers are created to fill the wrinkles and deep folds, but not just that, they can create fuller lips and fill hollow cheeks and eyes. Some people wish to get rid of the fat tissue that is located under their chin, and that is possible with double chin injections Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, where you will get well-sculptured jowl making your face, even more, younger and beautiful.

Many people are deciding to do this treatment, as the results can last from 12 to 18 months, depending on the type of filler that you choose. If you decide to transfer your own body fat from some other body part, your results can last up to a few years, but you should be aware that your fat can be resorbed back into the body.

Final word

Searching for the right treatment is not easy, so you should start with a search for a good doctor. When you feel comfortable and you trust your doctor knowing that he is a highly educated and experienced person, your results will be great with very little chances for some side effects.