What is a personal trainer and how do you become one?


What exactly is a personal trainer? The current definition is that a personal trainer is a person who is certified to have some degree of knowledge in the field of general fitness, especially involving prescribing as well as instructing of exercises. In other words, if you are out of shape, and need to get into better shape, a personal trainer will help you do this. They motivate their clients, set goals and offer feedback and accountability to the clients. They will measure the client’s weaknesses and strengths when they begin working with a client and develop an exercise plan.

Tools for personal trainers

A personal trainer has the following tools: 

  • Exercise equipment in a gym environment and knows how to use and instruct others on these pieces of equipment – battle ropes is a good example.
  • Certification for having trained as a personal trainer as well as battling ropes coach certification.
  • Methods of Assessment – methods to evaluate each new client’s strengths and weakness.
  • Others they work with – need to have established relationships with those who are experts in various areas, such as dieticians.

All the above are important so that a personal trainer can help their clients. 

Building a fitness business

To better build a fitness business it is wise to also have education or certification in business and know:

  • Business equipment
  • Business marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • How to set up a new business

You will also have to make the choice of what niche you are going to be in. There are a lot of personal trainers – are you going to train businessmen, young adults, or concentrate on conditioning for athletes. Just like a doctor, you need a specialty.

Turning a passion for sports conditioning and fitness into a career

If you have worked in a gym or have used conditioning and fitness equipment for most of your life and you can say that you have a passion for it – this is the perfect career move for you. Most of the equipment knowledge you will already know. You will only need to get further education as well as certification in this field, as well as how to build a new business.