Reviews of the alcohol monitoring device SOBERLINK



Soberlink is a California-based organization that provides assistance to those struggling with alcoholism. “Supporting accountability through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring device” is the tagline on their website.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the Soberlink monitoring device reviews. Now, we will begin by describing what this gadget is.


There’s more to a Soberlink device than a breathalyzer. It’s far more than that, in fact! The Soberlink gadget is an advanced remote breathalyzer that may be used in the comfort of your own home. It makes advantage of cutting-edge wireless technology to connect wirelessly.

Facial-recognition software is another piece of technology that is implemented. As a security measure, this ensures that only the right individual can operate the machine. The method is trustworthy and precise because of other tamper-proof characteristics. Thanks to the real-time updates, your loved ones can check in at any time. This will be a huge help in holding you accountable, whether your partner, friends, or the law are looking through your reports. You would rather not disappoint others by receiving a poor test score.


Soberlink is able to establish responsibility because of its extensive alcohol monitoring system. Accountability has been shown to have several positive effects during and after rehabilitation.

But just how does it (this gadget) work? The Soberlink gadget integrates breathalyzer and mobile phone technology. The results of your breathalyzer test for alcohol consumption are uploaded to the cloud via this phone (for a probation department to review or your close family). It’s a brilliantly simple gadget. The gadget also functions as a camera. In order to verify the user’s identity, that camera will capture images of them while they take the test.

Soberlink monitoring device reviews from Satisfied Customers

Customers have raved about Soberlink, and there are numerous favorable reviews available online (according to their Google My Business profile and other online review websites). Some of the reviews posted on the web can be seen at this link (this is an overview of all reviews we have found online on different websites).

Analyzing Soberlink

Sobriety monitoring with this kind of cutting-edge technology is a great idea. It has helped someone in my family be truthful and accountable in their efforts to return to the straight and narrow. I’m a Soberlink user.

For the past few years, as a lawyer specializing in DUI cases, I have relied on the Soberlink breathalyzer. Regardless of the circumstances, I can always rely on it since it is always correct. Strongly suggested!! – someone who uses Soberlink to stay sober.

The Soberlink device has also been reviewed very favorably on this site. You should read it to find out for yourself why it has received so many rave reviews from satisfied customers. Keep in mind that the writer of this article is a lawyer who has used Soberlink successfully with his clients.