Looking For A Gym? Dublin Crossfit Is The Best!


Choosing a gym is like choosing a home, it has to fit your likes and have none of your dislikes and it has to have that comfort and style that will make you want to go home all the time, or in this case, go to the gym every time you want to. A gym is a special place you can go to, to feel alive and active, to be able to expend energy in constructive ways and where you can be healthy and fit at the same time. You need a gym that motivates you to commit to your fitness goals on a long-term basis. Going to the gym takes effort and commitment, so you would want a gym that is easy to go to and that will not feel like you need to struggle to get there. Hence, choosing a gym is something that should be taken lightly, considering that you have to pay for going to the gym, then it should be something that you will be happy to pay for. Dublin Crossfit and Gym Services is probably the best one in the many lines of gyms in the locality, and it has a nice ring to its name, if you don’t want people to know you are going to the gym, you could just say you are in Dublin.

Why is Dublin Crossfit the Best?

                Most of those who stopped going to the gym said that the main reason for not going back is that the commute was too much, or that there were no safe parking space and it was difficult to get to, aside from of course not having the classes they were interested in, or not having enough shower rooms. As you may notice, location is the key, and for this, Dublin Crossfit is already a cut above the rest. The gym is located at the center of the town, in a business district, in a mall with many offices and buildings near it and unlimited parking space. The location is so great, that you can go to the gym right after your work hours, and still make it to that eight o’clock dinner date. You can safely park your car and not be worried that it might get towed or vandalized or broke into. You can probably park closer to the gym during the weekdays and a bit farther on weekends, but you can use the walking as a warm up before arriving at the gym.

                Dublin Crossfit is the best gym since it has all the amenities you want in a gym and so much more. It prides itself for having the latest and advanced equipment, which are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each session so you would not have to worry about getting fungal infections or having bad smelling treadmills and bench presses. The best thing about the gym is that it has fitness coaches in the main gym area who checks on the gym members as they perform routines or use the equipment to make sure that injuries would not occur, and if they do, worry no more since they are also trained to provide first aid and they have the hospital and first responders on speed dial. Moreover, the gym also has ample shower rooms with hot and cold water, lockers, a lounge where you can rest and sleep and a café for your coffee and tea and snacks or a light dinner. The gym offers you a comfortable, safe, clean and lively environment to make sure that you can focus on yourself and your fitness goals.

What is Crossfit and Is It For Me?

                Crossfit is a physical fitness system developed by fitness instructors aimed at maximizing weight loss by addressing the ten core fitness areas such as the cardiovascular, respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy. Hence the various crossfit physical activities are designed to provide you with the opportunity to experience such activities and be able to test your limits, for example rowing addresses your coordination and flexibility, while weightlifting tests your strength, stamina and balance, and a lot more. Thus, crossfit is able to provide your body with the kind of activities that will keep your metabolism up and continue to use energy even after your training or classes. Crossfit training can be done safely by anybody and at any age as long as there is proper supervision and the activities are tailored to fit the level of difficulty and competence of the gym members. Crossfit uses a lot of activities, and each week, you take on a new class or activity, hence, you would probably never get bored with and you will constantly be wanting to try out more routines.

Deciding on whether it is the right one for you may be a little tricky, as always if you have physical restrictions or have health issues, then it might not be the best one for you. Clear with your doctors first any physical exertion or activity that you would want to get into, although the coaches at Dublin Crossfit are very well trained and adept at telling whether you can safely perform the activities and will tell you to stop if you are not really up to it. What you can do is probably try out some classes and experience it for yourself and maybe it will give you an idea of how much physical exertion is needed. There is a free thirty-day trial that the gym offers potential customers, you might want to try that out first before you decide at all.

The Dublin Crossfit Social Support System

Many people may feel uncomfortable in a gym, for fear of being judged or criticized and also for having to compete with other gym members. It is a common observation that most long-time gym goers are very competitive and will unnecessarily intimidate newbies. Dublin Crossfit is built on the concept of safe spaces, in this gym, there is no competition, aggression, hostility or criticisms but rather a loving and supportive group of people who will cheer you on every day, and who will be the first to congratulate you for every pound that you lose. With this kind of environment, surely Dublin Crossfit is the best.

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