How Safe Is Beach Trip During Corona Pandemic


Social distancing and staying at home are by far the most effective weapons to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, COVOD-19. Looking at the severity of this infection, and continuous loss of lives, some people have this question that Is it safe to visit the beach during this time.

This article discusses the health-related concerns and the consequences of visiting the beach during coronavirus.

In what ways can we catch coronavirus?

Coronavirus can get to you in a variety of ways. Some of the major channels of its transmission are inhaling infected droplets that are passed via the air. This is one of the key possibilities when you are in outdoor environments.

Other causes are touching contaminated surfaces such as parking meters, toilets, and railings, or swimming in sewage-polluted waters. To avoid coming into contact with any of these scenarios, it is best to stay safe at home.

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How can a visit to the beach during coronavirus impact our health?

Performing recreational activities at the beach, and public areas such as trails, parks, and more can put you at a greater risk of becoming sick.

The best way to save from the deadly attack of coronavirus is by practicing living in isolation. Outdoor air transmission of this virus can get you infected. Keeping physical distance from others is the best thing to implement in daily life.

Exposure to sewage at the time of swimming at the beach can put you in trouble of catching a wide range of harmful ailments, and pathogens. The best means to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is by staying at a physical distance from others. Home is the safest place to stay safe and protected.

Is It True That The Coronavirus Can Remain In Water?

We all know that coronavirus is a highly contagious, and infectious disease. Water is one of the channels that can transmit this disease from one person to another. Some reports confirm that coronavirus can survive in water.

According to the Surfrider Foundation report, the virus can stay alive in the water and so it infectious in freshwater. This implies that if people swim in infected water of lakes, and rivers, they can even get contaminated. As to date, there is no such vaccine invented that can kill this virus, we can’t eliminate this virus from water once it contaminates it.


Going out and socializing in public will only increase your chances of getting sick. Looking at the highly infectious nature of COVID 19, it is not recommended to indulge in any outdoor recreational activities during this time. Obey the orders of the government and stay safe, and protected.