How Ryan Hoggan Is Shaping the Global Natural Medicines Market


These days, the popularity of natural health products is on the rise. As a result, more consumers than ever are buying and using CBD products, along with other herbal supplements, to improve their wellbeing or manage underlying health conditions.

Although the popularity of CBD and other hemp products is rising across the globe, access to these goods is not universal. Some people have no problem finding high-quality CBD, while others have difficulty navigating complex markets and ensuring that they can find safe, 100% organic products.

Enter Ryan Hoggan

Ryan Hoggan is the CEO of thoughtful brands, formerly known as Mota Ventures. This natural health products company’s exclusive focus is ensuring the accessibility of CBD and other relevant products to consumers across the world. Since Hoggan took over the company, he has strived to change both its branding and its ability to reach global consumers.

Expanding Into New Markets

Since Hoggan’s rise to CEO, the company has begun to acquire numerous CBD brands in Europe and across the globe. People can now buy products manufactured by partner companies like Satividia, Nature’s Exclusive, BevCanna Enterprises, Sweet Earth Holdings Corp., First Class Cannabis, and Franchise Cannabis Corp. These partner companies sell and market CBD and hemp products in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and across the European Union.

Embracing the Future of Natural Medicine

Another of the most noteworthy changes implemented by Hoggan was a renewed focus on not just CBD, but also other natural health products. More specifically, the company has begun to invest in psychedelic medicine research. Hoggan believes, as do many contemporary researchers, that certain psychedelics hold promise in treating individuals struggling to overcome addiction and sees this newfound knowledge as a compelling motivation for acquiring companies working within the field.

Anticipated Growth in the CBD Market

In 2020, the global CBD market was valued at approximately 2.8 billion USD, and experts believe it will continue to grow at a compound rate for many years to come. This expansion of the market will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the cannabis plant’s therapeutic properties. As researchers discover more science-backed benefits of CBD, it is encouraging governments across the globe to lift harmful bans on the substance, further encouraging increased demand.

Changing Views on Psychedelic Medicines

Hoggan encouraged his new company to branch off into psychedelic medicine research and investing for a good reason. Studies are already showing that certain psychedelics may have therapeutic effects, especially when it comes to mental health. Although these drugs are still illegal in most places, the research so far points to their potential for bringing about positive change in many individuals struggling with mental health disorders or addiction.

The Future Looks Promising

With Hoggan at the reins, the future of his company looks very promising. In the first half of 2020, the company experienced the highest number of customer acquisitions at any point since the brand was established. This can be explained by both the expansion into European markets and increased demand for easily accessible CBD products due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it bodes well for Hoggan’s company and other producers of natural medicines. The future should be bright.