Diseases which can be treated with physical therapy



Physical therapy belongs to a branch of rehabilitative healthcare field where licensed and trained medical professionals to make use of updated equipment and exercise regimens for treating numerous abnormal physical functions.

Physical therapists have their role in evaluating the patient’s medical condition like disease, disability, and injury for offering appropriate treatment. Hence, it is considered to be a suitable treatment useful for treating health conditions and restoring physical activities. Licensed physical therapists can get a job in hospitals, sports, rehab, and fitness centers. Here, we are discussing medical conditions where physical therapists come into their roles.


  • Lymphedema


It is a condition in which excess fluids get collected in the lymphatic system that moves around the bloodstream resulting in swelling. The therapist makes use of complete decongestive therapy for reducing the swelling and reduces the formation of fluid buildup.


  • Sports injuries


Certain kinds of sports injuries can only be treated by physical therapy. For example, stress fractures, which are managed by using recovery programs.


  • Muscular dystrophy


Muscle and skeletal degeneration can commonly be noticed with the increasing age. But, if you are doing mobility exercises, then you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • Back and neck pain


Both these pains are quite common nowadays because of the wrong sitting position at the time of working. The pain can remain for a few days to months. With the help of physical therapy, it is easy to get relief from this pain.


  • Headaches


All kinds of tension-type and migraine-related headaches can be corrected with physical therapy. It is done by simply increasing neck mobility and also strengthening the back muscles.

The list doesn’t end here as there are many other diseases like Parkinson’s, vertigo, cancer, and other severe medical conditions that can be treated with physical therapy. If you want to learn more about physical therapy, don’t forget to contact RPM Physical Therapy Clinic.