Check Out the Steps to Select the Right Therapist for Your Anxiety


Now that you have already realized that you are having anxiety issues and want to seek professional help, the next step is choosing the right therapist. Finding a therapist who is right both for you and for the treatment of your anxiety can be a roller coaster ride. Suffer less by keeping few things in mind –

Where to Go?

You can choose to follow the below mentioned methods to find a therapist –

  • Ask your friends and family if they had any experience with the process and can recommend a good therapist.
  • School/ College counsellor – If you are a student, it is feasible for less severe symptoms. The counsellor would refer to a clinical setup if it seems more serious.
  • Medical Professional – You can always ask your family physician or general physician to refer you to a reliable therapist based on your symptoms.
  • Online Resource – One of the fastest and easy methods would be to look up a therapist online without going to ask your friends.

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Though it can be overwhelming to sort out the massive search result of anxiety help near me, but good counselling services like Mindfulness Mavericks can be found. They employ unified mindfulness technique to treat anxiety. Mindfulness is deemed most effective in treating mental health problems like anxiety by researchers.

Things to Check to Make the Right Decision

  1. Licensed practitioner
  2. Therapist’s work experience with symptoms you are observing
  3. Therapist must use evidence-based therapeutic techniques
  4. Ask yourself, if you have good rapport with your therapist. You would need a couple of sessions before you can decide that. Therapy or counselling can’t work without a mutual understanding.
  5. You may find a therapist good, but not right for you. The technique used is not effective for you. Don’t hesitate and look for another therapist.