Benefits of Feng Shui for Your Mental Health (And Depression?)


Many people are still having a reluctance to embrace the healing powers of Eastern philosophies. They find it hard to see all the benefits you can get from them. However, you should know the ways of Qi, Feng Shui, and other Eastern concepts aren’t completely unfamiliar to Western audiences. There are already a lot of people who have incorporated them into their lives and have benefitted from them, including myself.

You see, Feng Shui shows how a person can be impacted by their environment, being in a positive or negative manner. It also shows how a person can improve things in their life to enhance their overall well-being. This includes your mental health, as well. I, personally, have seen Feng Shui have a positive impact on my life. It can help bring positivity into your life too. Let’s look now at a few ways you can use Feng Shui to enhance your life. 

Reduce Clutter, Reduce Stress

I learned that through reducing the clutter in my home, I could reduce my stress levels. Society as a whole has the tendency to buy and collect more and more stuff without realizing it can eventually bring havoc to their mental health. This is a psychological mechanism triggered by our need to have everything which appeals to us even in the slightest.

There have been studies showing many parents had increased spikes in stress hormones when faced with dealing with their material items. Perhaps, you have been one of these individuals, so you already understand how stressful it is to be faced with an overwhelming amount of belongings.

In addition, some studies show a large majority of people find they have collected so much in their garages; they can’t even park a car in them. This usually happens in cases where a person has bought so many items in the past and don’t use any of them anymore. Too much clutter creates spikes in stress hormones. It is probably time to declutter, which is exactly what I have recently done.

You should know clutter isn’t part of the classical Feng Shui, but decluttering is a piece of the new-age Feng Shui. One of the major elements in new age Feng Shui enables us to see the less clutter we have in our lives, the better we can feel inside. It can reduce anxiety, stress, and help us get an inner balance. In fact, people who have gone to alcohol treatment programs, attending mental health treatment, or who are trying to overcome a stress disorder, find that decluttering helps more than they realized it would.

Having a Feng Shui Bedroom Equals a Good Night’s Sleep

I never used to be concerned about getting a good night’s sleep, at least not until I found Feng Shui. Now, I have discovered it is essential to my mental state to follow the tips offered from Feng Shui. For example, choosing the right place to sleep is one of the most important steps of Feng Shui. It should preferably be a room located away from noise. In addition, your bed should be against a solid wall and no mirrors should be facing it. There are many other principles for having a Feng Shui bedroom. These principles can be beneficial for you to improve your overall mental health and create a calmness to your life.

Improving Your Depression with Nature

I find it relaxing and peaceful to explore nature. It boosts my mood and gives me energy. In addition, nature improves my overall mental state. Understanding what depression is, I feel a lot better when I spend some time out in nature. One Feng Shui philosophy concept, called the ancient principle Tao, gives reference to a man’s connection with nature. It guides us to find calmness and peace in every piece of nature – from a walk on the beach, a hike in the forest, or sitting beside a river. Just spending time to enjoy nature can improve depression, help you with your anxiety, and decrease your stress levels. You could even buy a Feng Shui houseplant to admire. It will help you regain your inner balance.

Keep a Positive Outlook

The truth is that everyday can be a battle when you struggle with a mental illness. Perhaps you find yourself feeling negativity towards your peers, yourself, your family, or even the entire world. You don’t have to feel alone. Many people with mental illnesses have those same negative thoughts. Thankfully, Feng Shui can bring positive energy into your life. I know this because it has helped me learn to reverse my negative thoughts into positive ones. By me being able to turn my thought process around, I have found myself feeling happier, calmer, and much more stable. My family has even noticed a change in my attitude which has brought us closer. Positivity can do wonders and help you achieve a brighter tomorrow.


We have talked about a few Feng Shui philosophies which you can participate in to improve your mental and physical health. There are many other ones which have helped me in a number of ways. They could help you as well. The art of Feng Shui gives us all the opportunity to enhance every aspect of our lives. Everyone could use a little assistance with handling stress, family relationships, anxiety issues, and in other areas of their lives. Feng Shui can help you live a life without so much pressure and negativity. This means it will help you live a happier, more pleasant life.