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Not all supplements are created equal and it can be frustrating to find the best. Here is a list of the healthiest  supplements for your family.

The Healthiest Supplements for Your Family

Researching the healthiest supplements for your family can be some of the most frustrating times Google searching. It’s difficult because not all supplements are created equal. I am also of the camp that I try to get as much out of our food because it really is the best source of vitamins.

However, due to changes in diet, the seasons of life and just our bodies we some times need a boost or support. This is why finding the healthiest supplements for your family become a key part of your routine.

I know many people that take TONS of supplements daily but on a regular basis, you don’t need to take that many. Here is a list of what I give my family after years of trying to find the best for our needs.

The Healthiest Supplements for Your Family

#1  Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver has been a must have supplement in families for many years and the there is good reason for that. Cod liver oil has the right amount of vitamins A and D. You can read more about the benefits of cod liver oil here.

Finding the right cod liver oil is tricky, this is the brand we use in our home.

#2 Desiccated Liver

Liver, ick, right? I know, I can’t stand it either but I know there are many reasons to eat liver on a daily basis. I can’t hack that so I supplement with desiccated liver powder. I make capsules for myself and use the powder in smoothies for my kids. (They are not big fans of liver either.)

Liver is a great source of whole food B vitamins and iron. Because liver is a good the vitamins are more easily assimilated so our bodies use it better than synthetic vitamins.

#3 Whole Food Vitamin C11

Vitamin C is a great addition to your supplement routine because it helps the immune system. It can help kick a cold or shorten the duration of one. It is also a great antioxidant.

It’s important to get your vitamin C in a whole food form  as synthetic vitamin C will deplete your body of other mineral presence, which  defeats the point of supplementing.

For capsules I use the Radiant Life brand or I make this DIY vitamin C syrup, which my kids love! Need more help deciding what kind of C to use? You can read more information from Katie, here.

#4  Probiotic

Gut health is key to overall health. I really find this key in helping to keep my family healthy. Besides eating fermented foods on a daily basis, I supplement with a probiotics.

Probiotics are good bacteria that your body needs. Good bacteria helps fight off the bad bacteria as well as helps the gut function better. Gut health is linked to many health issues including autoimmune diseases to mental health, so it’s key to keep your gut happy. 

There are MANY probiotics on the market so it can be tough to find just the right one. Here are some key factors to look for and how to decide which is right for your family.

#5 Multi Vitamin

In an ideal world we wouldn’t need to supplement with a multi vitamin. All you need would come from your food. However, in today’s world, we can’t count on that, between GMO’s, depleted soil and chemicals, our food is not giving us what we need on a daily basis. 

That is the reason everyone in my family gets an multi vitamin. My favorite ones come from a whole food source. Garden of life is my favorite brand for my family as they are not synthetic and we seem to handle them quite well.

I also use herbal teas to help supplement with vitamins and minerals. Herbs are a great source as the body processes them just like food. One of our daily tea drinks is this mineral balancing blend.

The Healthiest Supplements for Your Family

And a bit more….

Minerals are key to life and sometimes our bodies do not process them. That’s why I also like to supplement with Bioplasma cell salts. This is a blend of all the cell salts. (There are specific ones we use for different health issues)

What I like about cell salts is that it helps the body use what is already stored. Cell salts do not give your body minerals, it just helps your body use them they way it should.

As with most supplements, there is no ‘one size fits all’ list and you need to figure out what works before your family’s needs and budget. This list is a great place to start because most people today are sorely in need of some extra vitamins.

What Are Your Favorite Healthiest Supplements For Your Family?

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