Polonium-210: Why is Po-210 so dangerous?

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Polonium-210 is very radioactive substance and a deadly poison.

Polonium-210 is the lethal poison that was used to kill the previous Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, in London in 2006. He died of radiation illness.Litvinenko is alleged to have swallowed a deadly dose of Po-210 by consuming tea at a enterprise assembly with two different Russians. Each had been charged along with his homicide.

This incident is believed to have uncovered 700 individuals to radiation, though none turned significantly unwell. Some places in London, together with a restaurant and nightclub, had been briefly closed as a security measure.

The post-mortem concerned advanced security measures.

Polonium-210 is abbreviated to Po-210, (210)Po, or 210 Po.

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What’s polonium-210?
How does it have an effect on the physique?
Signs and prognosis
Present points

Quick details on polonium-210
Listed below are some key factors about polonium-210. Extra element is within the physique of this text.
Polonium-210 is a uncommon radioactive metallic found by Marie Curie within the late 19th century.
Whereas radioactive, it emits a high-energy type of radiation, however the particles don’t journey far and it decays comparatively rapidly.
If polonium-210 enters the physique, by inhalation, swallowing, damaged pores and skin, the outcomes will be deadly.
By mass, polonium-210 is without doubt one of the deadliest toxins, round 250 billion occasions extra poisonous than hydrogen cyanide.

What’s polonium-210?

Polonium is a radioactive chemical ingredient (atomic quantity 84) that was found in 1898 by Marie Curie, who named the ingredient after her nation, Poland.

In its pure state, at room temperature, polonium is a stable metallic with a silver coloration. Polonium-210 is one in all 25 identified radioactive isotopes of polonium.

Purified polonium may be very risky, and polonium isotopes are radioactive. The commonest and best-known polonium isotope is polonium-210.

This materials is very harmful, but it surely has a comparatively brief half-life. In consequence, it ceases to be harmful comparatively rapidly. It decays into a brand new, steady metallic: lead.

Its bodily half life is 140 days. Because of this half its radioactivity dies away on this time.

Its organic half life is 40 days, so it takes 40 days for organic processes to remove half of the Polonium-210 within the physique.

The place do you discover it

Polonium-210 is current in small quantities within the human physique, because of low ranges within the regular surroundings and the meals chain, particularly in seafood. Tobacco people who smoke have extra polonium-210 as a result of smoking causes it to accumulates within the lungs.

Polonium-210 is utilized in business to make units that take away static. That is helpful for making tape, rolling paper, and spinning artificial fibers, for instance. Additionally it is used to maintain environments mud free, comparable to within the manufacturing of laptop chips.

Pure polonium may be very uncommon. As little as about 100 micrograms (zero.0001 grams) of polonium happens in a single ton of uranium ore.

How does it have an effect on the physique?

Polonium-210 is without doubt one of the most poisonous substances identified to man, but it’s all round us.

There are very low ranges of polonium-210 within the surroundings, and it enters our our bodies by the meals chain, for instance, when consuming seafood.

These environmental ranges are usually innocent to human well being, besides in people who smoke, who’ve greater ranges.

Nevertheless, in enough quantities, it may be deadly inside days or perhaps weeks.

How harmful is it?

Polonium doesn’t have poisonous chemical properties. The hazard comes when it emits radiation.

Toxicologists estimate that one gram of polonium-210 could possibly be sufficient to:

kill 50 million individuals
make one other 50 million individuals unwell
Litvinenko might have died after consuming lower than one millionth of that quantity.

As a weapon, it might be deadly. However it is usually extraordinarily tough to acquire. When utilized in industrial units, that is finished in such a method that the polonium couldn’t be separated to be used as a poison.

Even when somebody did handle to amass some polonium, it’s not notably harmful to hold round, as a result of its high-energy radiation will be blocked by a comparatively skinny barrier, comparable to a chunk of paper.

Polonium-210 can not penetrate the pores and skin, and the particles normally lose all their power after touring by a couple of centimeters of air.

Nevertheless, this additionally makes it protected to move and arduous to detect, for a would-be poisoner.

To poison somebody, nonetheless, it should then be launched to the physique.

This may be finished by:

Entry by pores and skin abrasions or wounds.
An individual can’t be contaminated by one other, contaminated individual until they swallow or inhale bodily fluids from that individual.


Polonium radiation destroys DNA and might result in cell demise and most cancers.

Polonium-210 is a identified carcinogen. When inhaled, it causes lung most cancers.

When swallowed, it turns into concentrated in purple blood cells, earlier than spreading to the liver, kidneys, bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, and the testicles or ovaries.

As polonium spreads across the physique, it leaves a path of reactive radicals, as a result of it takes electrons from any molecule in its path.

Harm to DNA from the alpha particle radiation could cause apoptosis, or “cell suicide.” Even low-level DNA injury could cause genetic modifications that have an effect on the cells’ capacity to breed.

Completely different organs and tissues range of their sensitivity to the alpha radiation injury. Bone marrow tissue is especially inclined, as a result of it creates the blood cells, and likewise the liner of the intestine.

Radiation poisoning: Sources, results, and therapy
Click on right here to search out out extra in regards to the results of radiation poisoning.
Learn now

Signs and prognosis

The principle problem with diagnosing polonium-210 poisoning is that it’s so uncommon. Nobody would count on it. Some laboratories within the U.S. can perform urine exams to evaluate for it.

Signs would depend upon the power of polonium used.

They’d possible embody:

nausea and vomiting
hair loss
lowered white blood cell depend, or lymphopenia
injury to bone marrow
The upper the dose, the sooner the impact will probably be.

After these acute signs, the affected person might seem to get better, however bone marrow injury will proceed, leading to decrease white blood cell and platelet counts.

Subsequent, relying on the dose, varied physique organs will probably be affected, together with the bone marrow, the gastrointestinal system, and the cardiovascular and central nervous system (CNS).

If the CNS is affected, that is irreversible and results in demise. At excessive doses, this will result in confusion, convulsion, and coma inside minutes of the poisoning.

Lastly, the individual will both die or get better. If they don’t get better, they may die inside weeks or months. Anybody who survives might take months to get better.


If polonium poisoning is reversible, and if the individual is aware of they’ve been uncovered, an early prognosis can result in profitable therapy. Nevertheless, success will depend upon the dimensions of the dose acquired.

Supportive care will embody:

Symptom management
Prevention or therapy of infections, extra possible due to a decrease WBC depend
Blood and platelet transfusions when wanted
If an individual is aware of they’ve very not too long ago swallowed the poison, gastric aspiration or lavage might assist take away the supply of radiation.


The usage of sure medication might cut back the consequences of radiation poisoning.

Chelating brokers comparable to dimercaprol and penicillamine have been utilized in animal analysis and a few human topics. Chelation is used to deal with poisoning with heavy metals because the chelating agent can bind to the metallic and stop its absorption, resulting in its elimination from the physique.

Dimercaprol has been used to deal with poisoning with the heavy metals mercury, gold, bismuth, antimony, thallium, and lead. It has been used with some success to chelate polonium.

Present points

In 2007, considerations had been raised in america (U.S.), about Polonium-210 ranges in floor water in Fallon, within the Lahontan Valley, NV.

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) say that these utilizing public water usually are not in danger. They advise people who find themselves utilizing properly water, and whose water exams excessive for polonium-201, to course of their water with a correctly functioning reverse osmosis system earlier than consuming it or utilizing it for cooking or for animals.

In 2007, the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered that ranges of the substance in milk weren’t sufficient to fret about.

Now, nonetheless, there’s concern that new strategies of oil and gasoline manufacturing, together with “fracking” might result in greater ranges of Polonium-210 and different doubtlessly hazardous merchandise. The Environmental Safety Company (EPA) is monitoring this.

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