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Is Olive Leaf Extract “Almost” a Herpes?

If you’re suffering from herpes, we are sure we don’t need to tell you anything about how challenging it can be to live with it. Yes, there are those medications out there that can (hardly) offer a temporary relief, but at the cost of having to deal with harmful side effects and whatnot.

However, there actually seem to be quite a few alternative treatments out there which seem to be quite effective, perhaps surely more than the typical over-the-counter medications. More importantly, they usually don’t come with any side effects whatsoever.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at one such home remedy that may turn out to be very helpful when it comes to dealing with herpes.

olive-leaf-extractOlive Oil / Olive Leaf Extract – Almost a Cure?

Olive oil and olive leaf extract have apparently been proven to be highly effective against the herpes virus. In fact, some studies even suggest that they may help get rid of the herpes virus for good.

While we are not sure if we can really vouch for that, but we certainly do think that they can go a long way in helping you control the outbreaks and symptoms and make your condition more manageable.

Olive oil comes with high amounts of anti-oxidants, meaning that it will help restrict the growth of the herpes virus. It’s also believed to provide moisture to the skin, which can certainly be very relieving when you’re dealing with an outbreak.

Olive leaf extract, on the other hand, is believed to be even more effective. Based on some research we have done on its effectiveness with respect to dealing with herpes, it is capable of interfering with amino acid’s production in the body, including arginine, which is considered highly essential for the survival of the herpes virus in the body.

Similarly, it can probably also prevent shedding and other such things to a considerable extent that lead to the spread of the virus. Besides, it helps in making the virus “less active”, meaning less outbreaks and, hence, less trouble to deal with.

Now, though we are not sure how reliable this information is, but we have also come across a piece of information that said that it may even help repair infected cells. Now, that’s quite a saying, especially given that the herpes virus is known to live in the human body forever, perhaps except if or when the patient manages to find some little-known cure that comes with the ability to get rid of the virus for good.

However, the thing is that olive leaf extract definitely seems to be a great option if you want to control outbreaks, which is perhaps crucial when you’re going through the initial phase of the condition. Furthermore, it probably also helps prevent flare ups, which is, again, very relieving for those who experience frequent and severe outbreaks.

We read a herpes patient say that they were getting the typical burning sensation which means that an outbreak is coming. They took 6 150mg olive leaf extract and within as less as just a couple of hours the feeling started fading away and they kept improving. So there you go about the effectiveness of olive leaf extract for dealing with herpes.

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