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September 26, 2016

ORAL CONTRACEPTION: Myths and Misconceptions

We wanted to start the monthly topic of “Contraception Myths” to dispel so many of the misconceptions women have about using various forms of contraception.  We hope that this short question and answer format series clears up some questions you yourself may have had and that have prevented you from using a reliable and safe form of contraception. MYTH:  COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTION (BIRTH CONTROL PILLS THAT HAVE BOTH ESTROGEN AND PROGESTERONE) AFFECT MY ABILITY TO GET PREGNANT IN THE FUTURE. Answer:  A woman can get pregnant once she goes off “the pill” is quite quickly.  It actually takes around two weeks for a woman to resume her period once she goes off the pill. Studies show a conception range from 72% to 94% in the first year after a woman stops taking her birth control pills. MYTH:  IF I GET PREGNANT ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS IT WILL HARM MY BABY. Answer:  Women who get pregnant while taking the pill do not have higher rates of spontaneous abortion, preterm deliveries, birth defects or pregnancy related complications than women who are not taking birth control pills. Your healthcare provider will advise you to stop taking your pill if you do become pregnant and begin your prenatal care.